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  1. [DI] Aperion Guards (Casual A) Help Desk

    Welcome to our newest initiates @Beasty12321 and @Flint! Feel free to post any questions about DI here in this thread, or send me or @MrSfke a PM on the forums or on Teamspeak.
  2. New to club

    @Beasty12321 welcome! It was very fun playing with you yesterday :)
  3. Where'd ya go?

    Good luck on the promotion! Not that you need luck or anything :P
  4. [DI] Aperion Guards (Casual A) Help Desk

    @XoGeneralXoX @BeerCheese @Rabugento @Lovelynn If anyone is interested in stepping up and becoming an officer there is a position open! A new team leader is needed since MrSfke was promoted to commander. Please notify me or him if you want the spot! (Also nice addition to your signature @BeerCheese) :^)
  5. [DI] Aperion Guards (Casual A) Help Desk

    Hey all, there is a competition coming up for the best division title. SF made an announcement about it, give it a read!
  6. How is this even possible

    @Shado no. she was there the whole game. she just never landed any attacks.
  7. [DI] Aperion Guards (Casual A) Help Desk

    Everyone welcome our newest initiate @Mesophase! :) Congrats on being accepted friend.
  8. How is this even possible

    How does this happen what how who what
  9. locust fun facts

    Never forget. One of the first posts I made on the forums
  10. @Barachiel Play very very safe. Always take brain juice and chronosurge. Sometimes you can fate transfer an ally who won't take damage to gain life saving shields for yourself Hold on to your ult as long as you can Use the valentine's skin
  11. August Announcements [Read & Reply]

    Understood captain!
  12. [DI] Aperion Guards (Casual A) Help Desk

    Everyone wish @Rabugentoa happy birthday! :D
  13. The Forest

    me and @Lovelynnrun around like headless chickens
  14. Say Hi!

    @BeerCheesenice signature friend!
  15. Atlas Awards and Goodies!

    @Lovelynncongrats on getting silver!