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  1. what anime are you watching right now?

    i have no idea...u could try youtube although i doubt itll work
  2. Mobile Games?

    so cute lol
  3. Pokemon: DI's Adventures!

    do it anyway
  4. what anime are you watching right now?

    nice..i finished reading game of thrones but havent watched the seasons yet true
  5. what anime are you watching right now?

    that would be interesting yea..less than half of the first. Have u finished the manga?
  6. Mobile Games?

  7. what anime are you watching right now?

    need to continue sao..if the 3rd season of attack on titan doesnt come out..i will hurt something
  8. Some good short Animes? :D

    hotd was good..i want the new season of that and deadman wonderland
  9. Mobile Games?

    lol u used to
  10. Pokemon: DI's Adventures!

    you better. well done on making the first part :D
  11. Mobile Games?

    izanagi online
  12. Some good short Animes? :D

    drifters and hellsing
  13. Pokemon: DI Adventures story! [Poll]

    yay..make me the antagonist