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  1. toxic players are why i dont play it often :) didnt know about /muteall ...nice to know it :)
  2. Such great base ... i played only singleplayer so really amazed :D
  3. thanks boss but as you seen it solved itself with total crash :D so now happy and functional !
  4. From time i wrote it system went down competely so now fresh system and game .... :) and i knew about downtime but thanks
  5. Hello guys. ...i got into problem today ...when i try to start game its mentioning you need to run steam in online mode ...even after many tries and switching between online and offline mode, any tip how to solve it ?
  6. Fractured Space?

    Its fun ! :) very good idea of game ..i play mostly sniper :D But for around month and half i didnt had chance to play it as i was in pvp league in Guild wars 2 :/ must start again ! :D
  7. Motorsport

    same with F1 :) but yeah ...last year i knew from start who wins :D excited for at least newer design of cars
  8. Fractured Space?

    I have it ! :D
  9. How long can you survive?

    45 Seconds :D
  10. Hello

    Welcome :D
  11. Introduction = Mathew1

    Thanks :) Thanks :) i hope so :D Thanks :D thaaanks :) Thanks :)
  12. Smartphone died :(

    Thanks :) well said :D yeah it is as i am mostly in game :/ switching to browser is meh
  13. Game is simple but if you want to be better :) you must go deeper and then layers will show up
  14. Its not that difficult :D i learned it by being lone player in my parish ... on Euro 2 server :) i got parish with baddly damaged and bad designed castle ...so i was practically defensles but maintained my flags :D