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  1. it isn't nearly as steep as it used to be. back in naxx/gvg the best decks were all 12k+ dust, and ran upwards of seven legendaries. Right now, top ladder decks are relying on only two to three legendaries (for example, most mage decks right now run only two legendaries plus deathknight, evo shaman only NEEDS deathknight thrall, but aya is nice to have, druid only needs the dk, same goes for a lot of decks). I bought in to the game with $60ish of packs when I started playing in naxx/gvg era and played mechmage until it rotated, then build ramp/mill druid during BKR, then quit for a while because I was more into MTG. DE'd my whole collection when I came back for Un'Goro launch day, built elemental and jade shaman, and now I'm playing jadevo. I can recommend a good number of cheap decks (like, 4-5k dust to play) that can easily get you rank fifteen+ if you play decently well.
  2. https://hsreplay.net/replay/ofNeAjxJCzXvjGh6vBWchX
  3. Evolution Shaman is good against a lot of the top-tier decks (mage and rogue), but loses out to druid and warrior about 55% of the time. Right now, you can get away with any deck that makes use of a Deathknight, so be aware of that.
  4. My favorite deck so far is my Evolve Shaman. Pretty obvious, but I haven't seen anything quite like it on ladder yet. The idea is to play a lot of cards that summon others, or have effects that reduce their stats, but have strong battlecries - Bomb Squad, Rattling Rascal, etc. or that duplicate (2x Saronite Chain Gang and 2x Doppelgangster) to support the jade package and totem package and force a win through Overwhelming Value. ~Spells and Weapons~ 2x Evolve 2x Jade Claws 1x Ancestral Spirit 2x Spirit Echo 2x Jade Lightning ~Minions~ 2x Primalfin Totem 2x Manatide Totem 2x Jade Spirit 2x Saronite Chain Gang 2x Rattling Rascal 2x Bomb Squad 2x Doppelgangster 1x Aya Blackpaw 2x Thing from Below 2x Big-Time Racketeer 2x Lotus Agent (discovery effects in Shaman are really nice, because there's a good chance to get a battlecry minion, which are ALWAYS good in evolution decks, outside of buff-based battlecries). 1x Wrathion And, of course, Thrall, Deathseer
  5. Meta's a lot better with KOFT, I think. Some sillier game elements are a lot, LOT more pervasive, and the amount of RNG-decks have dropped massively due to the consistent strength of Deathknights. I think when KOFT is supposed to rotate out, Deathknights should be moved to Classic.
  6. I hope this man never peaks. He is a gift from god.
  7. Agreed, luckily. Kaplan and his team... listen so much... nevermind.
  8. Well that's just objectively wrong. In the past few years, her passive was gutted, her Q was made almost-pointless to charge, her W lost permanent movement speed and had nerfed slow, damage, movespeed buff, and longer cooldown, her E got less AD (multiple times), less health, longer CD, and her ultimate has had reduced healing, increased cooldown. Riot has been buffing the champions Janna is weak against and nerfing the ones she's strong against, which is why she's so strong right now, in addition to the OP coin. She was honestly stronger item-wise back when Zeke's Herald was an item (I think that was one of her all-time peaks as a champion, because AD and autoattacks were so prevalent that being a squishy in the middle of a fight with her abilities at the time meant your team had essentially permanent 10% lifesteal bonus).
  9. Any Coin abuser. As of right now, the Coin is absolutely broken-overpowered, and considering Relic Shield doesn't give quest stacks upon killing minions and activating its passive, Coin is the only item worth buying at all. I'm a big fan of active item builds - mikaels, redemption, sightstone, mobis, talisman, ruby sightstone (not in that order obvs) is my typical build as a Janna onetrick.
  10. About to download Hearthstone. :O

    1. Vegas


      Be prepared to uninstall it a few hours later :D

    2. 13thShade


      Didn't wanna work on my trashy phone anyway @Vegas

    3. Vegas
  11. lucioball

  12. trex gonna chomp that little girl to shit @Aralornxyou should go save her
  13. I made a guide thread about it, if you decide it's important enough to put in this thread, then I think it's best summarized as this: NIGHT-MODE FOR TEAMSPEAK Despite not having a built-in nightmode, TeamSpeak supports skins. Most people recommend this skin for nightmode. It includes three versions - one total black, one gray, and one green. (in addition to that, i'm learning about the process of making my own TeamSpeak skin. Once I finish it, it's going to be a DI-colors nightmode theme, which might be cooler, especially if Jackal decides to record for a DI sound pack :)
  14. @IbnBattuta you should add a quick guide to nightmode-ing TS to the Teamspeak section.
  15. Melee Challenge

    hammer torb montage: incoming