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  1. So how about those PSATs, fellow kids?

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    2. AMeiZing


      @Warfororks The PSAT memes this year were spicy as fuck.


      We read about botanists/horticulturalists scrubbing tomato leaves with electric toothbrushes.

    3. Silicate


      and "Bits and Bobs" in the grammar section 

    4. langdon


      When your tomatoes have the perfect mix of durability and flavor 😂😂👌👌

  2. @Aero if you want to it to be fast-paced, you shouldn't use the pharah/tracer/etc potgs where it's just a zarya ult or grouped enemies, that's where you want stuff like genji ulti, mccree flicks (bassdrop's ult and flicks is a good example of a not-genji potg) the tracer, mei, dva, pharah potgs all slow it down, if it was a team kill montage they fit better but there's nothing intense about big dva bombs and tracer bombs that said, you can totally throw in ridiculous potgs (for example, my tracer clip) in the middle of the montage with silly music to add some comedy to it. overall, i give it a quadruple kill + one assist the game has a built-in shadowplay. F9 by default.
  3. Roadhog. http://prntscr.com/gpk9p4 this season http://prntscr.com/gpk9y5 last season :)
  4. I'd like to return the compliment - thank you for observing my observatory comment of your observation. Props! :)
  5. What a wonderful observation, aralorn! you're such an incredible... observer. Props!
  6. How many of your decks run Coldlight Oracle, Dog?


    "More than I'd care to admit.


    @TheGamer777 lul

  7. out of 8 games: 6 went to a second set of rounds 1 went to a third set of rounds (fuck volskaya) 2 had 4 dps on both teams 3 had 4 dps on at least one team 1 had straight 2-2-2 for both teams the whole time :) ready to six stack my way back into gold, who's down? :P
  8. Eh. I liked having notifications for everything in civ 5, i'd rather have too much info than too little.
  9. Mmmm.. perhaps. Mccree has never really been my issue as a genji, even playing against good mccrees, because you have so much more mobility and flank power than he does. And if you're consistently headshotting him, you're gonna be pretty scary as far as genjis go. I'm not saying you shouldn't have any flex picks at all, simply that onetricking is the fastest way to climb. And, also like I said - if your counters are simply a danger zone and not a death zone, then you should be fine, because you know your one character so well that other people's counters dont matter, unless they're also an A-Mei-Zing onetrick.
  10. As a solo queuer, one tricking is the best way to climb, as much as it sucks. I've been practicing my genji in tdm/ffa a lot, and I've always been good with him but I'm good enough now that I'm getting ~60% accuracy and ~50% of my hits are headshots, which is a large improvement from before. I can 1v1 symm about half the time, i can 1v1 winston, both heroes that people pick to counter Genji. If you can get to the point on a character where you're good enough that your "counters" are more of a "danger zone" and less of a "death zone", there's no reason to play anyone else.
  11. I love to see Ana when I'm on Genji and Zarya when I'm on Mei. Outside of that, I love it when my team picks combos for themselves. I play pretty independently and mostly play flankers, so games where my team has combos and frontline that's reliable and allows me to do my thing are SUPER nice.
  12. Doesn't matter how well you're doing as long as you seem like you're doing well. Up til mid-gold, people only look at your kills. You could be 10/2, or 10/10 - your teammates probably view it the same. Make a lot of one for ones, and your team will listen to you because you have a lot of kills. Conversely, don't try to shotcall if you don't know what calls to make. Five people executing a mediocre/bad plan will beat four people making shitty choices and one player who knows what to do, even when his team doesn't. Follow your team if they won't follow you.
  13. I had like 250 APM when I played league. never stop clicking. Optimize movement routes, check creep HP, check ally creep HP, watch ally lanes for half seconds, etc. it's not that crazy.
  14. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

    If she's anything like you seem to be based on your posting habits, I'm sure she's a big talker :P
  15. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

    I'm sure she's an absolute joy! Or maybe she's like me an a horror of a kid, who knows :P