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    "Do you know what I am, butterfly?" the unicorn asked hopefully, and he replied, "Excellent well, you’re a fishmonger. You’re my everything, you are my sunshine, you are old and gray and full of sleep, you’re my pickle-face, consumptive Mary Jane." He paused, fluttering his wings against the wind, and added conversationally, "Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name."
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  1. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    Nice. One less thing to trade my body 4
  2. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    Ask me on a date i want some sushi too!! >:0
  3. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    @QueenD @PuffDaddyP since im too cheap for sushi i usually just buy frozen tuna chunks, thaw them in a pot of water, n eat em raw chopped up on rice Can i join yr sushi club or am i too much of an animal
  4. Game of the Month Nominations will close on Wednesday, when the poll opens. Be sure to get the games you want on the poll here!


  5. Its a psycological thriller anime so yes if you liked psychopass or code geass youll love it. Additionally its one of the best animes ever made. Warning though, the beginning is a bit slow and is very similar to how the film starts, but after light tests the notebook on the local school shooter, everything is completely different.
  6. Fun Fact: @Tyrant taught me how to use the report function. 

    1. Silicate


      @Tyrant cmon really? 

    2. Tyrant


      Lol when 

    3. Zezette


      It was back when I was an initiashit in december and you were director and there were no legions. I called leadership lazy on the forums because no one was stopping this super dramatic thread in d6. At the time i didn't know leadership refered to gold stars. I used it to address moderators in general. So you were pretty mad at me, while teaching me how to report, and i was quaking in my lil initiashit socks because the lesson was mixed in with a verbal warning.

  7. "Zezette, you're the new @GoodDaySir15 of DI." - @Physics


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    2. 13thShade


      Gold. Pure gold.

    3. rewerb


      I wish he would come back. As well as @Nipz and @Mechanoid2k

    4. TheSuperSoldier


      Physics is the original @GoodDaySir15

  8. Lol... "wholesome" One of the main themes of death note is "is it right to take capital punishment into ones own hands, or is killing bad people without a fair trial still infringing on their right to life?" Real wholesome. I wish steven spielberg had done this film. It could have been the next shawshank redemption.
  9. i've watch the anime - haven't even read the manga - and i was thoroughly disappointed in the 2017 Americanized netflix death note. heres why: grrr grrr grrrrrrrrrrrrr a beautiful grade s mindfuck mystery/thriller anime reduced to a tropish, grade b film at the end of the day Light Turner is capable of criticizing his father and his principal, and he questions the authorities of society, but can't stand up to his hot girlfriend when she's clearly crazy. It reeks of character inconsistency. Meanwhile, Lght Yagami was properly unshaken by the gorgeous misa who turned into his imp in blind admiration of his Kira persona. Light Yagami stayed in-character to his god-complex. He didn't make killing bad people into something exciting to spice up his love life. L figures everything out way too easily. As soon as he saw Light Turner, he stared him in the eye and saw right through him. The real L struggled like a real human being. At one point in the anime, Light Yagami was working alongside L, trying to form a friendly bond with him so he could discover his real name and kill him. L had no clue. He thought Light was just a genius at deduction regarding figuring out who Kira was. He was clueless and slowly slowly figured it all out. The original death note was 37 flipping episodes and condensing that story into an hour and a half is insulting. What's next? GoT abridged: The Movie??? no no gtfo
  10. Top 10 Rappers?

    i thought memey rappers were like bo burnham?
  11. Gingerbread cookies with pumpkin icecream filling pls lord
  12. Hey i saw you checking out my profile (first) and i just wanted to say....


  13. Early game scuffles aren't anything like late-game though. These fights are more rng based on who gets to a gun first and wont teach me better medium range m15a4 shots with a 4x scope, for example
  14. See the thing is i only spend like 15 seconds in a 30 minute game actually practicing shooting mechanics. I want a game that would help me intensely practice shooti g and developing twitch reflexes. Im the kind of person that sees the opponent first, but miss the shot and dies for missing.