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  1. Techies, 7 second silence against Ursa forces him to either buy aghs, or a BKB, reallllly early. Best way to make the bear cry. But its extremely good against the rest of them nonetheless.
  2. Techies.... Just wait for him to be in the Draft pool again, most picked hero TI7 trust me.
  3. USP-S is the best gun possible, is there really an argument
  4. Towers should have a larger chance for true strike, but not so much., I think evasion from moves should be debuffed when it comes to towers, but items should not be changed.
  5. I random heroes every time, just gotta get what you get and accept, whatever it is.
  6. You cannot, the drops come from a specific item group, and from specific cases, the Overpass one is not included, therefore no Dragon Lore.
  7. Alright I appreciate the response and feedback @SimplicityRL
  8. I prefer to be an entry fragger, however some days I am really good at awping
  9. Techies, cmon guys who doesnt love pissing off the enemy team, plus then they cant have techies to piss you off.
  10. Hi everyone, I was wanting to know if anyone had any recommendations on what I should be putting into my new computer. I currently am running a HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC, it is a Laptop from about 3 years ago, and it has an AMD A8-5550M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.10 GHz, and 12 GB's of ram, and a 64bit operating system. I currently run games like Dota 2 and CS:GO at around 20-30 fps on lowest settings, and am looking for both an increase in frames, as well as overall performance of a PC. I have looked around the market and the cheaper PC's that I could purchase without building would run me around $1,500+, and mostly $2,000. So at this point I am looking more into building my own PC, I am looking to pay less in certain areas where I can, and more for graphics and processors, and eventually upgrade the things I spent less on. If anyone has recommendations for certain parts that work really well for these type of games, and are more cheap than most, or just part reccomendations in general they would be very appreciated. I am just looking for higher FPS in these games, and to be allowed to run them at a little higher specs then what I use now, I am not looking for some monster of a PC, I just want it to run my games consistently at 30+ frames. If you have any full builds for a PC that are around $750-1,250, feel free to share them as well, or if they are less. Thank you for reading this, and anyone that helps me out.
  11. When I first started it was Nuke, then office, I used to love playing inferno, but after the last update, I kinda feel at odds with it, feels like going B either works every time, or gets you killed every time depending on the team your against. I am definitely a fan of Cache now.
  12. Listen, everyone has to agree, that the Illusion rune is the single most helpful rune in the game, I can't think of anything that would be better than it, like think of all the potential that illusions of your hero do! (Looks in shop) Wait these illusions do less than an item that you can buy for gold.....
  13. I love me some techies, have almost 100 games with him, most I have with any hero ;) (Cue everyone being triggered from suicide squad flashbacks)