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  1. Desolator on Dazzle, Mjolnir on zeus
  2. BOOOO ....... Now i don't have a reason to play with my friends any ranked games. Whats the point of being in a party, communicating and figuring out best combos if its unranked... horrible change.
  3. heeeey , Tnx for reminding me why i don't play dota anymore
  4. I need MOVIE Suggestions. Something like : Comedy, Action, Adventure ( along those lines ) 

  5. Fucking clickbait. I want to -rep u
  6. Just log in on teamspeak and you can see who is online and if they are available for a game
  7. 6-10 hours.
  8. They change every minute.... i got 400 of them :x
  9. you dont need 750 watt psu. u dont need a z170 motherboard unless you plan on overclocking and doing stuff. Having such a strong CPU makes your GPU feel useless ( not useless as the term states but somewhat not up to par with the whole other rig. ) and again. why the mobo, too expensive and you can get almost the same shit for far less ( i have an asus B-150m-a ) Making it cool , costs more. but it looking cool doesn't make your games run faster. for american market can't help you regarding prices, maybe newegg can? pc part picker too maybe?
  10. maybe max_fps # ( set # as a number ) will work ? should work. in console
  11. Can't fall asleep because i'm thinking about DI and how to possibly fix some of the problems... i don't want that  :emot9cmfm:

    1. Xenith


      Watch some liveleak before bedtime :^)

  12. Well this blew up :P My ISP recently has been fucking up, it's been pissing me off. I receive spikes and drops in internet speed and most of the time its well below 10mbps.... i felt Dial UP was faster and most reliable... until someone picked up the phone :D
  13. Don't play HOtS next time and study. If i knew, would have told you to go study ...
  14. Proper team carry :D