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  1. a 3-4 houses location far from the flight path. Easy top 10
  2. Rick and morty s3 ep 10

    The episode was a total letdown for me and i believe that they could have done WAY WAY better . I feel like they were rushing to make it which made it not totally fucking awesome like it should have been.
  3. you just said fuck to a Bot :| poor guy
  4. What do you do without internet?

    holy shit this still exists... i remember that day like it was in January ...
  5. Have you heard?

    Hopping on the shitposting train ... CHOO CHOOOOOO MADAFAKAAAA
  6. Loooks like icefrog is running out of ideas on what to do with the game ..
  7. what's with people replying to MONTHS old topics to people who aren't even here anymore . . . ?? that desperate for post count? NP is shit hero, never play him. gg.
  8. why you deleted me? WHy you left ! I HAVE QUESTIONS ! 

    1. GreatJackal
    2. Targaryen


      LITHUANIA WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      i just realized bio was estonian..... oh well. 

  9. I need survival tips

    PUSSY :P DRINK ! is it Varna? soncev breg? anyway.. jokes aside. make sure its not bulgarian made drinks, only bottled store bought ( smirnov , good beer, etc , u know what i mean ) . have food and have water dont mix drinks when they get drunk, there is nothing that can be done to stop the party so try to enjoy yourself or you will have a shitty time. try and find some "macki" to pass the time
  10. What was the way to add people to my steam chat group ( Example : https://gyazo.com/c72eb624c1f37ab0ec5d351e441770e9 ) Google is being retarded and not giving me the correct answers.

    1. Efmi


      Can you?

  11. Great news. Macedonia is on a brink of CIVIL WAR. 

  12. 4/20 Plans?

    Today was fun. 8 am, it was snowing, heavily . 5 degrees Celsius at around 9am it was sunny, without a single cloud in the sky . 12 degrees at around 11 am it was raining. 12 pm, snowing and raining. Sunny in the distance. its 2 pm now, its sunny and i dont think the day has ended with it's PMS.
  13. 4/20 Plans?

    day off, gonna get a new citizenship and get my picture taken for a passport. Gonna eat some cake Should be a normal day
  14. Hey man i give you knife plis i want your low skin , plis this knife is okay legit yes? plis ad mi i good trade +rep you
  15. Did u played this game?

    Holiday island .... Why did you have to open up nostalgia bro ... Y ?