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  1. Yeah especially since he's going to mine the dragonglass, from her island. She just wants him to bend the knee.
  2. hes gonna get that sweet dragon puss.
  3. Reeks a fuckin puss.
  4. Back home after a few days of De-Tilt. Now to tilt some more :D

    1. OverwatchTho


      lmao how i feel everyday ;)

  5. I'm coming...


    1. Dom


      Why me? :o i feel threatened. 

      Go harass jackal 

  6. Gonna take a break from PC games for a bit. Losing 6 games in a row takes a toll on ya, lol. Time to play some Halo. 

  7. literally came
  8. I knew it was poison the moment she didn't drink. It's a bit shitty if you'd ask me. Better fuckin be. And that hand that reached out towards Sam near the end. It was all burned up... who could that be? I think it's Ser Jorah, his arm looked like it was sandstone. And he had his greyscale, which makes sense why he would want to know if Dany had come. And when the hound and the fire people took up in that house, iirc that was the house that The Hound stole the money from those people and said they would starve anyways... which is why he shows remorse. God damn, I can't wait for Episode 2. It's good to see GoT budget fully in effect with dragonstone. When Stannis was there it was just the shore and the map room, but now seeing the entire castle and throne room and kingdom. It's so beautiful. (Btw Game of Thrones, don't you dare have another gross ass incest bullshit with Jon and Sansa.)
  9. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. Have you heard about Alienwear PC?

    1. Dom


      Unfriended and Blocked.


    2. RoadkillHD


      Aw, luv you

  11. So i applied for a local part time job, got a group email back from the manager along with 10+ other applicants saying that they're not interested. 

    I feel like i share a bond with those people now.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dom


      I went for a shotgun approach. Apply for as many as i could. 

    3. SirHugster


      I thought the shotgun approach was to walk in with a gun and demand a job lmao

    4. Dom


      That's plan B