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  1. tomorrow comes necromancer pack for Diablo 3!!! IM SO EXCITED!

    1. Hannibal



      Cya Tomorrow in Diablo=)))))))))))) Thanks for the great news=) You maid my day=)

      Fuck I need to wait for my salary((( forget it

  2. Bby I'm your vice, Sny is your 2IC

  3. Dyslexic things i percieve

    We shall rule this world in fiery pulses across the lands.
  4. Current DI Team - Casual Team B Primary role - Mid/adc Secondary role(s), if applicable - Sup/top What type of team are you looking for? Flex, CvC, anything.
  5. You're an ezreal main too?!?!? :D No one I know likes ezreal and says he's shit. I think I am going to like you sire.

    1. Shadow


      I wouldn't say I actually main a single champ,  but I play him often along with like 2 other adcs lol

  6. Pulsefire says hi.

    Well howdy folks. My name is Pulsefire, short for Pulsefire ezreal. (the main champion i play in league) I am currently on my 19th lap around the sun. I live in the canada of the united states, Iowa. Favorite games in order are : Skyrim, League of Legends, Civ 5, and last but not least, Tibia. I am currently a college student working a part time job. I am normally on during the nighttime as I have class in the morning and work in the afternoon. I am eager to join you all in this new adventure. I've never been part of a clan and I can wait to see what it's like. I hope we can all have fun and get along. Your's truly. PulseFire. (btw. if anyone on league wants to add me, put the name like this Puisefire Ezreal, the original name was taken years ago and hasn't been played.)