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  1. Yo guys Taz here!

    You're welcome!
  2. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

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  3. Yo guys Taz here!

    Lol Welcome to Damage Incorporated Taz!
  4. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

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  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843960973
  6. Introduction of a former member.

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  8. Hello Everyone!

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  10. Favorite Genre of Music?

    I hear ya @Falx (about pop). It doesn't make sense/talk about what Pop really is. I like older Pop. And lately I've been listening to Korean Pop. Korean Pop boy groups.
  11. Dark and Light

    Thanks @AnimaLibera . I hope you guys do indeed play some Dark and Light! Good game. Ark with magic. Heh My 2nd-in-command @Alumii has a Dark and Light Pve server. @Corceal plays on it.
  12. ink Introduction

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