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  1. What you listening to?

    Just enjoy the gritty crunch. It tastes just like chicken...
  2. If you were to do one thing over...

    Can't say that the me 8-10 years ago would have thought of or been on board with this. And I've been on a very huge binge with this lately, to the point where in thinking about it I could have pulled it off. I would have tried to start wrestling training during or shortly after my time in college.
  3. What you listening to?

  4. Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know "La Grange" was an anthem for gridlock traffic...

  5. Happy birthday Raz, come crack a cold one later

  6. Happy Birthday Kiddo :emolulz:

  7. It's my mans Birthday! Enjoy it 😄

    1. Razgriz


      Will do, my good man. Enjoying a little bit of Lagavulin and then will get some sleep. 

  8. Casual Team B Thread

    Thanks a bunch, as well as a big thank you to whomever voted for me. Honestly was not expecting it. After this weekend, I should be back to normal. It's looking as if my work issues want to settle out of court and over the weekend. Additionally, I need to procure a new headset -- R.I.P. Razer Kraken 2014-2017 -- and will hopefully have a new one today or tomorrow.
  9. I'm here to build a tree fort

    If it's a club house, it's gonna be like the Kids Next Door clubhouse. :p
  10. Congrats on MOTM :)

    1. Razgriz


      I just woke up and realized it. Excellent early birthday present for sure! 

  11. Song of the Day

    Shark Week. :3
  12. What you listening to?

  13. What you listening to?

  14. Pardon my tardiness in introductions. It's been very hectic as of late. For those that do not know of me, I am a former Team Leader of 6 months, and Commander of 2 for the League of Legends divisions before transferring to the "Tree of Life". Why have I come to this fine establishment you might ask. More or less with the circumstances, I wanted to go somewhere that allows me to aim for goals, while also allowing me to gain aptitude in other games to see if I can reach a higher level of play there as opposed to League of Legends (which I will continue to play). So here I am, dudes and dudettes. Let's build a tree fort... Or maybe a clubhouse.
  15. For those that could not make it to the impromptu meeting yesterday, I am no longer capable of maintaining my role as Commander and have made due on my promise to ensure we had an established template and an officer corps that can take DI-XI to higher places, before fully stepping down. In doing so, I have also transferred to DI-CI, but I will definitely come visit for some games and good times. I just wanted to do this post, as promised from the meeting, to let everyone not present for this know this was in the works for awhile, and I needed to do it to work on something I've been neglecting: myself -- mostly my physical health and current feud with my real-life employment. As far as the transfer is concerned, this was a mutual agreement between myself, Hugster, and Snek that Community will be perfect for me as I work through everything that I feel I need to. I'm very proud of all of you, and in no way shape and form consider my tenure to be a failure given the circumstances. Keep up the amazing work and innovative ideas, and I will see you all down the road.... or cracking open a cold one with the boys (and girls) during events. ~ Razgriz