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  1. MT is being pushed to 4 while we address the Teamspeak issues. Sit tight, everyone. 

  2. Not sure why, but the basic Chromas stand out the most for me.
  3. I have Asperger Syndrome, which in summary is a high-functioning form of autism. The notion of having it doesn't bother me, but I get really upset when others make fun of those that have it or use the term in a joking manner.
  4. If I somehow manage to live long enough to see the 2017 year-end photo, I hope to be Slurms McKenzie.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SiXtYnInE


      Stay in DI now, Stay in DI later...

    3. TheGamer777


      Only if @Telfercan be Bender

    4. Telfer


      I don't disagree with that sentiment @TheGamer777

  5. Everything is broken in my store and I have nothing else better to do. AMA.

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    2. chathesilver


      The cha effect 

    3. OverwatchTho
    4. Razgriz


      The website and systems we use to scan out the items were all down for maintenance longer than expected, and as such, we couldn't work. :p

  6. After a double shift yesterday, a long shift today, and running on 2 hours of sleep... it's time to settle in for a well-earned rest, and my iPod decides to start with this:
  7. Make @Razgrizdo it.... as a goof I think anyone that is willing to put forward the proper effort and time into it should do it. Take the initiative!
  8. The guide will be unpinned and updated when that happens.
  9. Can't say it'll help with in-game, but it will definitely help and there are some common mistakes players make in terms of out-of-game purchasing. If this proves fruitful and with enough fanfare, I will look to make other guides such as this.