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  1. Mood after having my morning coffee. 


    1. Zezette


      coffee gives you endorphins x)

  2. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    29 year long Mac and Cheese phase... No end in sight. C'mon man.... I need my fix!!!!1111!!!!11111!!11!1one
  3. What you listening to?

  4. What's Your Favorite Song?

    Filter - "Take A Picture"
  5. What's your favorite Band/Group/Aritist ?

    Deftones, all the way. Love me some Abe Cunningham drumming and heavy riffs, with a side of dream-like melodies. Yes, lots of that please.
  6. Today. Me. Fresh pots...


    1. TheGamer777


      Staying up to two playing monopoly tends to take it out of you.

    2. Razgriz


      "Just let me land on Boardwalk. I can't even flip the table. Just end me..."

    3. TheGamer777


      I mean I said we shouldn't play monopoly cause its cancer.

  7. Wisedom Teeth Extractions

    I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled in the same session, with the 4th and final one done months later.... I was given novacaine and laughing gas so the whole experience was like an interesting acid trip. As a fun fact, this wasn't even a month after I had my braces removed. It through off the alignment with my retainer and within a year my teeth reverted and the same orthodontist that did my braces and recommended I get the teeth removed in the first place told me I'd have to put braces on all over again. This was the first time I cussed someone out as a college student. :p
  8. Break out the small violins... For me, it's 15 whole minutes of Genital Jousting.
  9. Where my brain goes when my co-workers have the argument about the national anthem: SaluteYOurShorts.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Razgriz


      can't stop, won't stop, might stop

    3. Sairane
    4. Razgriz


      Ticket pays for the whole seat, but you'll only need the eeeeeeeeeeddddddddggggggggeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Song of the Day

  11. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

  12. What you listening to?

  13. Add "full release" to the list of terms I can no longer take seriously.

    1. Silicate


      What'd you get screwed on now?

    2. Razgriz


      Nothing, but let's just say my mind always goes straight to the gutter the instant I hear someone say it, or I think about it.

  14. The things that annoys you ?

    When the person in front of you is paying for something at a pay station where it clearly says "No cash or cash back. Debit/Credit Card Only." , and then proceeds to argue with anyone in hearing distance why they cannot pay in cash. Ruined my whole break today because this lady doesn't read signs. I just wanted my italian hero and green tea... :(
  15. I make sure I am well rested and establish a little itenarary for when to take short breaks to stretch or to grab food and beverage. Having done multiple long play sessions, while energy drinks, coffee and soda are good gor the caffeine intake, it's best to include some good ol' fashioned H2O as well. Additionally, keep your choice of food simple -- also ideally choices that will not leave crumbs or residue on the mouse and keyboard.