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  1. MT is being pushed to 4 while we address the Teamspeak issues. Sit tight, everyone. 

  2. Not sure why, but the basic Chromas stand out the most for me.
  3. I have Asperger Syndrome, which in summary is a high-functioning form of autism. The notion of having it doesn't bother me, but I get really upset when others make fun of those that have it or use the term in a joking manner.
  4. If I somehow manage to live long enough to see the 2017 year-end photo, I hope to be Slurms McKenzie.

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  5. Everything is broken in my store and I have nothing else better to do. AMA.

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      The website and systems we use to scan out the items were all down for maintenance longer than expected, and as such, we couldn't work. :p

  6. After a double shift yesterday, a long shift today, and running on 2 hours of sleep... it's time to settle in for a well-earned rest, and my iPod decides to start with this:
  7. Make @Razgrizdo it.... as a goof I think anyone that is willing to put forward the proper effort and time into it should do it. Take the initiative!
  8. The guide will be unpinned and updated when that happens.
  9. Can't say it'll help with in-game, but it will definitely help and there are some common mistakes players make in terms of out-of-game purchasing. If this proves fruitful and with enough fanfare, I will look to make other guides such as this.
  10. Hello Summoners! Welcome to the MOBA sensation sweeping the nations that is League of Legends. 1. The Target Audience Of This Guide, And What It Hopes To Achieve So you want to know the the tricks of the trade in order to become the best of the best... Unfortunately, I will not be going over anything in-game related in this guide. Quite honestly, I will be talking about the other side of the spectrum -- Ways to Level Up faster and/or at a rate that is more comfortable for you, and which purchases to make through in-game currency or at hitting certain levels -- with as less of a strain on the eyes as possible. Perhaps later on down the road, myself or another member can fulfill that request in a future guide. But for now, let's get on topic and get you started on the Rift, shall we? ===== 2. The LoL Client & You (example provided below) 2a. The "Play" Button - Does as advertised, you click to queue up for the game you wish to play. End of transaction. 2b. The "Home" Button - Takes you to the client's homepage, which is displayed in the photo above. 2c. The "Profile" Button - Takes you to view your summoner's profile, where you can see which level you are, your experience bar, your most proficient champions, etc. 2d. The "Collection" Button - This button will take you to your collection, where you will be able to craft your mastery and rune pages, which we will discuss over the course of this guide, as well as champions/runes that you own on your account. 2e. The "Loot" Button - Ergo...Hextech Crafting, which we will cover once we hit Level 5 (Don't worry, we can hit Level 5 pretty quickly) 2f. The "Store" Button - This also does exactly what you think it does. All together now... BUY. ALL. THE THINGS. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! ===== 3. The Beginnings -- Level 1 to Level 5 From this point forward, I will provide ways to help with or without the assistance of RP (Riot Points -- in-game currency obtained via micro-transactions). It is entirely possible to level without putting money into the game, but it will increase the amount of time it takes to get to Level 30, which is as high as you can go. To start, you have the choice of 10 champions up until Level 6. This is the New Player Rotation. The champions are as follows: Ashe, Garen, Jinx, Kha'zix, Lissandra, Lux, Ryze, Shyvana, Varus, Wukong Use this opportunity to find a champion you enjoy to play. In several cases, you will be able to buy them early on (Do not buy Ashe or Garen right away though. I will explain momentarily) That being said... Free Route -- For brand spanking new players, I recommend playing through the tutorial -- both the basic and the battle. You should gain enough experience from the battle tutorial to reach Level 2. Play Co-op vs AI until at least Level 3. If you feel ready to try PvP, give it a shot. If you do not feel ready, don't fret! Keep at it against bots until we get to Step 4. RP Route -- Obtain at least 1500 RP and use it to buy a 50 Win XP Boost, and a 7 Day XP Boost. These will stack. For optimal use, try to use these beginning at Level 5, as the experience needed to level will be low enough where the boost would be wasted. 3a. Level 5 -- Hextech Crafting and Champion Mastery Unlocked The instant you obtain Level 5, you will unlock Champion Mastery and Hextech Crafting. Upon reaching this, you will obtain a free chest and key. This will contain a random champion skin (upon testing, the skin is usually worth 975 RP), a ward skin, and 800 orange essence. Orange essence is used for cosmetic improvements, as this indicates. You can also log out and log back in to obtain another free chest and key, this time it will unlock 2 champions shards -- Ashe and Garen -- a champion skin for one of them (it's usually either Sherwood Forest Ashe, or Sanguine Garen -- upon testing), and 120 blue essence -- which is enough to unlock both champions for you. This is why I ask you refrain from unlocking Ashe and Garen early on using IP, since you can get them scot free thanks to Hextech Crafting. Now we get to the Champion Mastery side of things. Any game vs other human players (sans custom games) will yield mastery points for the champion you play, owned or unowned. You can potentially earn a chest for each champion you own as well, though under either one of two conditions -- You get a rating of S- or better in a game, or a teammate you queue with gets a rating of S- or better. To obtain the keys to unlock these chests, you get key fragments over time playing games and 3 key fragments can be forged together to create a key. ===== 4. Level 6 to Level 20 -- Free Rotation, and Unlocking Runes Now things are about to open up even further. Upon reaching Level 6, you unlock the weekly free rotation, which changes every Tuesday. That sadly means we have to say goodbye to the new player rotation. If you really enjoy playing a champion that was on that rotation (disregard Ashe and Garen, you should have already unlocked them), make it a point to try to unlock them. And to do that... Free Route -- Grind out games. Simple as that. Get enough IP to buy the one champion you love to play, and then try to start saving for your runes (oh. don't worry. we'll get to that.). RP Route -- Buy your champion out right with enough RP, and think about investing in IP Boosts. Similar to the XP boosts from Step 3, except in no capacity will these be obsolete as you will need IP to unlock runes. In addition to this, we unlock a new game mode -- ARAM, which stands for All Random All Mid. As the name implies, you are assigned a random champion and play a game on a map that has one lane. These generally last about half the time of a normal game, ergo double the games double the fun at the cost of champion choice. If you are interested in trying things out, this is definitely a suitable option. In testing however, it is harder to unlock chests in this game mode than normals, so do be cautious here. As the grind continues, we'll eventually hit Level 10. This is the key level to hit for all the players wishing to play the role of Jungler, as you will gain access to the summoner spell "Smite", which is a necessity to play the role. And then the progression continues to Level 20. This is when we can begin to purchase Tier 3 Runes, the best pre-game buffs we can give ourselves in addition to our mastery page (that will be a different guide for a different time). 4a. Runes There are 4 different runes to obtain: Marks (Red) - Spaces unlock at Start, 4 , 7, 11, 14, 17, 21, 24 and 27 Seals (Yellow) - Spaces unlock at 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25, and 28 Glyphs (Blue) - Spaces unlock at 3, 6, 9, 13, 16, 19, 23, 26, and 29 Quintessence (Purple) - Spaces unlock at 10, 20 and 30 As mentioned, upon reaching Level 20, you will be able to purchase Tier 3 runes -- the best you can get and they will be essential when you reach maximum level and are ready for optimal play, normal or Ranked. Runes to be purchased are dependent on the champion(s) you intend to play. Example: If you play a champion that deals physical damage, you ideally would get physical damage runes or attack speed runes instead of spell penetration runes or ability power runes. ===== Finish Line. Level 20 - Level 30, Quick Leveling Tip, and Closing Now that you have access to purchasing runes via accruing IP over time, it's time to cross that finish line. Free route -- Keep doing what you are doing. You are doing just fine, you'll be at Level 30 sooner than you think. RP route -- Do not invest too much into XP per win boosts. If you hit Level 30 while having any "per wins" remaining, it will remain stagnant and you will need to contact Riot support to handle it to get some form of re-compensation. Upon hitting Level 30, you are ready. The Rift is your world. The Abyss is your stead. The Treeline is your domain. Aim high! Quick Leveling Tip: Upon Level 5, you are able to play against bots on Twisted Treeline in a party of 3. All 3 members go into one of the two lanes (bot lane a majority of the time), and push as a group with minimal backs. Continue pushing hard, but make sure to finish the game at any point after the 7 minute mark. Finishing the game any sooner rules the game null-in-void in a sense, and it will not yield experience. Recommended champions for this: Tristana, Jinx, Ashe, Master Yi. Feel free to try other champions out those these 4 are proven commodities to this quick leveling strategy. Closing statement -- I hope this guide proves helpful to everyone, whether League of Legends is their main game or not. As of post, I am the Commander of 11th Division, and I have made it a mission to allow opportunities to bring in newer players to the game and allow for growth. Additionally, I want to make it a goal to allow for more "beginner friendly" events so everyone can just make an account and join in on the fun. I hope to get some games in with everyone! Feel free to add my summoner name -- The Party Savant . Looking forward to seeing everyone grow, learn, and most importantly of all -- have fun. Best of luck and thank you for reading!