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  1. How long can you survive?

    translation is only person to live more than 10 seconds against a bear they kicked in the balls is crocodiledundee and he is dead anyone else including but not limited to chuck norris would have died a painful death by being raped, mauled, or gored to death.
  2. How long can you survive?

    so mine said 44 seconds but like for real stupid survey like some of the questions there was 1 manly answer prolly most people would pick but literally the only man that existed who could have chosen it was crocodile dun dee and he's dead like for real guys if anyone could have chosen 1 if any of the manly sounding answers in that quiz he of all people would answer all of them and be truthful but the 2nd most many person to him would maybe survive 7 seconds and only because that truely was their lucky number
  3. stop feeding moe reply candy

    at least someone did then lol
  4. stop feeding moe reply candy

    lol when I said harefanclub I was making a joke on that because hare's are fluffy rabbits and thus can be cuddled and thus we all know what a harem is and yeah..... I'm sad no one got it
  5. so I think that dota is giving me this as a birthday present and also I'd like to stay that there's 31 minutes left until they release patch notes and I'm starting to panic and hoping it's a good birthday present and not like a store bought cake where they put no real effort in and the decided on chocolate even though everyone knows the best kind of cake is pie because cake sucks
  6. stop feeding moe reply candy

    I like harefanclubs cuz you get all the cuddles you want
  7. stop feeding moe reply candy

    lol me too but I'm getting competive with it now! I shall be the post lorf!
  8. Senti's dream

    well the ones I make aren't like fast food fries home fries are when you cut a potato up into small squares and then put them in a pan with a small bit of oil and you fry them up and season them and then enjoy so you don't boil them in oil you just use a little bit of oil as a pan grease
  9. stop feeding moe reply candy

    hmmmmm.... idk what to think of this.....
  10. Give poor Moe a hug..

    I used to have to shave my border collie in the late spring so the summers wouldn't burn him alive..... desert life,,,,
  11. Senti's dream

    I love making home fries they're the yummiest
  12. stop feeding moe reply candy

    >.> I will destroy you......... /glare
  13. Give poor Moe a hug..

    thanks yeah he's a jack russel mix and I shaved the beard nov first for mowvember but it's growing back hehe
  14. Senti's dream

    hey don't be mean to potatoes! potatoes may not be the smartest or the best looking but they sure are the best tasting and that's what counts when I tell my mom I ate my veggies that were really mashed potatoes