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  1. 6107
  2. haha xD. Same here
  3. Holy moly. Im so hyped now. I wanna watch that shit :D
  4. Kingdom Hearts. How can there be another better OST?!
  5. Nice montage :D
  6. Its the best game I played so far. The only problem is that you have to play a lot to get good and you have to play frequently to keep your skill. If you wanna play casual and for fun tat might not be a problem. The bigger advantages are that you can play together with ppl from all over the world, not like in LoL or similar games and you can have a lot of fun :D
  7. I only have the rubber bands when I play on US-Servers or other non EU servers. I dont have lags at all tbh
  8. I like the montage tho. Its great :D. Welcome to DI :D I think you really gonna enjoy your stay here :D @Tribalis right xD. you should have posted it in the introduction sub forum xD. @Nessycan you move the topic? :P :D
  9. Maybe there was a glitch with the cloud or smth.
  10. aaaaaah xD. I think I am a "complete human" xD. Havent check myself tbh xD.
  11. LOL xD. Get faked by Psyonix. I had that bug too.
  12. its only funny if you know the video xD.
  13. FOV: 110 Distance: 270 Height: 110 Angle: -4 Stiffness: 0.75 Swivel: 6
  14. A bowling game on Windows XP. I think I played it everyday for 1 or 2 years.