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  1. Just because you were in the kitchen in my role play base doesn't mean it was terrible.
  2. We have MLG in the US.
  3. Hi sir. I'm kaitrom, new recruit at DI. I'm here to ensure my efforts to become a member of this group.

    1. Arc


      Welcome to DI my Friend!

    2. kaitrom


      If I have any doubts, I would ask to you, or to another person?

    3. Addulous


      Hello kaitrom - Please reach out to myself or @Viridwith any questions you have. Join us on TS!

  4. Ya that makes sense. I was GM of our guild and I wasn't a rage machine like some of those other guys back in the day, but my guys were disciplined and knew what was expected. We also raided 5 nights a week so we had an advantage of time in dungeons to clear stuff out. We almost cleared Naxx (original Naxx) before BC dropped.
  5. ftfy
  6. Before we jump on the Xmas music train... lets not forget this Turkey beauty
  7. Wow Fankriss is where yall stalled? Most got stalled out by either Huhu or Twin Emps. If I remember right the first time into AQ we got to Huhu in one night, but that bitch took us like 2 weeks to get by (mostly because people didn't have their nature resist gear)
  8. I have a functioing Amiga :)
  9. Played since release. Lead a top server US guild in vanilla through MC/BWL/ONY/AQ20&40. PvPd in BC and game started going south. I still play time to time. Legion is ok i just nothing touches the glory days of vanilla. If Bliz will launch vanilla servers id go back. After nostalrius got shut down i vowed never to go private again.
  10. Well... you now have Bud Black as your manager. Sorry for your loss...