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  1. Especially with the +30 regen talent
  2. Check lasthit benchmark https://www.opendota.com/matches/3360860833/benchmarks
  3. Well Meepo clones get ONLY BOOTS and ATTRIBUTE BONUSES from main hero (which means you get double bonus on his clones from Power Treads). Only strength and agility (maybe intelligence) are items you should buy. +20 agility is not so good for the cost of diffusal, two dragon lances are way better - or Skadi.
  4. Monkey king has awful attack as a core and 25 second Q is not good for farming either. Only reason i can think of battlefury.
  5. More like magic wand would help you against these two
  6. Charged into 1-man black hole, he saved the Enigma from looking like noob I would guess
  7. Probably question addressed to the highest ones, but: It would be nice if TI7 (main tournament) was hosted on DI twitch, with someone commenting. What do you think?
  8. Your behaviour score?

    There was a post about conduct summary, so what's your behavior score? (in console write developer 1, and then dota_game_account_debug -you should find it near the end) Mine is "only" 8081

    Should invite everyone at end of every match
  10. Yeah but when you were completely new? Me: Lifesteal on everything (now buying regen as first component of anything, also addicted to raindrops)
  11. "Visage is the least micro-intensive from micro-intensive heroes"
  12. PL is useless after he burns all mana to be honest... this is also how you counter him
  13. Sand Kong is pretty simple, but generally you wanna pick anything with Mjolnir. Also try Sven - he has low mana and uses spells only once in fight.