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  1. Well, on safelane as rightclicker is Venomance rpopular. On mid, I have seen Ursa few times recently.
  2. Lina is actually pretty normal mid, you have to protect her as a glass cannon. Otherwise you gotta play Lina as a normal support, but Bloodstone helps her farm.
  3. Will try to watch :D Our private Dota WTF
  4. I pretty much realized everything is possible when I quickly used fist on some units and instantly used D (go to remnant)... Turned out I hit 1-2 units.
  5. 2K hell

    Limit your hero pool and pick them quick to get better in unranked games. You improve in the games where you get countered hard, but the game is playable.
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6vxni5/calculated_headshot/
  7. He is good pick if you are Bulldong and do not have mushroom hat
  8. Especially with the +30 regen talent
  9. Check lasthit benchmark https://www.opendota.com/matches/3360860833/benchmarks
  10. Well Meepo clones get ONLY BOOTS and ATTRIBUTE BONUSES from main hero (which means you get double bonus on his clones from Power Treads). Only strength and agility (maybe intelligence) are items you should buy. +20 agility is not so good for the cost of diffusal, two dragon lances are way better - or Skadi.
  11. Monkey king has awful attack as a core and 25 second Q is not good for farming either. Only reason i can think of battlefury.