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  1. Wow wanna try him after battlepass
  2. Doesn't change the fact he needs a farm, so support-core or useless support
  3. Idk but if it was after 7.00 he's an idiot
  4. No, I mean the skill is playing AROUND the luck... that THE PLAYER takes luck into account
  5. The skill is taking the luck into account; if you know PA crits you when she jumps at you, you play around that
  6. It´s never luck, but skill!
  7. Russia 3/10 EEU 8/10
  8. He focuses you in teamfight if that's what i mean his*
  9. http://s1.vocaroo.com/media/download_temp/Vocaroo_s1mC6Qrkjbvj.mp3
  10. YEAH BLOODSEEKR PA AXE of cours ei know
  11. Seriously, when I was playing Chen, I had trouble against Weaver, your creep micro skills are no good unless you can camp Centaurs around yourself :D What to do against gankers? Ghost Scepter farm asap?
  12. Automatical translator: "Mid and Feed"
  13. Nigga Kong Stick
  14. Crystal Maiden if you know how to jugnle with her :)
  15. Now is bracer either for a drum, or RoA. On Kunkka it might be seen in early game.