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  1. Community is looking for games that you all are interested in having a venture made for it. Xtream and I will but putting feelers out on steam and other forums looking for people for the various games, and we will need a list of games people are interested in having as ventures. If anyone is interested in being the leader for said venture, you may also post here along with your game suggestion. Keep in mind that the more people we have in the clan that plays the game and is interested in joining the venture, the quicker the games will become ventures and more likely we will get recruits for it. Thanks, Keegan
  2. I found a bug on Paladins

    Occasionally when I die and respawn I won't have a horse as well.
  3. Damn

    Turtle you can always work on some paladins guides ;P
  4. New patch for paladins

    Eh Ive seen her carry teams, a good skye can be near impossible to kill without a couple people focusing her. All of her abilities, and decently high dps makes her able to disappear, quickly kill pretty much everything short of a bulked up tank within a couple seconds without getting too low on hp, then disappearing again to repeat that cycle
  5. New patch for paladins

    eh skye is probably better, but out of the flanks, Maeve is more my play style
  6. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

    I have a feeling the hound will die next episode
  7. Anyone wanna comp ?

    Finally got through my qualifiers, and Im gold 4
  8. When is next paladins event happening ?

    I can probably get something set up thursday
  9. New patch for paladins

    Seems like my maeve is hated in ranked too, considering its been banned twice in games that someone left before it started
  10. New patch for paladins

    unfortunately. same thing happens if a bad connection kicks you out of a game.
  11. New patch for paladins

    well on their forums people are posting about leaving a game gets them a loss during their qualifying games
  12. New patch for paladins

    Good thing they are starting to punish deserters too now
  13. New patch for paladins

    I just quit and reloaded the game, Ive played 2 games and won them both so far
  14. New patch for paladins

    when you get to level 15, with enough champions, but it still doesn't let you do ranked D:
  15. Casual Team B Thread

    I will probably be hosting a casual B event this week, either tomorrow around 8pm EST or roughly the same time Sunday, so If everyone could tell me which day they prefer and what event they would like me to host, that would be good.