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  1. Adding DI to your name is simple Go on steam profile You should see an "Edit Profile" button, if so, click it Change the Steam name (NOT USERNAME you use to log in) then add "-DI-" to it Save the profile That should do it
  2. Yeah I've noticed that. But not to affend you, as this is my opinion but I prefer VG over ML given its unique touch to control to move the character
  3. Yeah I play Vainglory but that's about it.
  4. It's because member apps for the June cohort are being posted at this time. We put the people into the July cohort when the 3rd of June goes by
  5. She's good with handling balls, obviously she was going to win
  6. Accepted - Pending assignment to the 2nd Division (DI-II) Congratulations on becoming an Initiate in Damage Incorporated. Shortly, you will receive an acknowledgement from the officers of your division, if they haven't done so already. This is the first step in what will hopefully become a long and exceptional experience for you. As you know, DI is a combat based clan with a strong focus on community, so to make your experience as an Initiate easier, below some links on where to start have been compiled for your use: Getting on Teamspeak As it is mandatory for everyone to be on Teamspeak when they are online, here is a guide to getting into our Teamspeak and meeting the rest of DI: Code of Operations It is a good idea to know what everyone does in DI, as well as how DI operates, so spend some time to read our Code of Operations at: Contact your Officers It is recommended that you PM your new Vice using the forum PM (up the top right of screen) introducing yourself and ensuring he/she knows that you have been assigned to their division. Your officers are: Commander of 2nd Division: @Jammychgo Vice of 2nd Division: @Dav1dturner Information about your Cohort You have been assigned to a Cohort along with other Initiates going through the process. At the end of the process, you and your peers from that Cohort will graduate and become full members of Damage Inc. The Cohort system has been designed to help you through the process, answer any questions you might have and most importantly help orientate you through the complexities of Damage Inc. It is a good idea to introduce yourself in your Cohort to your peers and your Initiate Manager. You can find information about this in the Ludus Magnum: Ludus Magnum: Good Luck!
  7. Having looked at your old account it appears it is your second time applying, and that was in 2014 :O (oh my lord I'm evaluating a person from 2014 cohort, I'm hounoured!!!) on a serious note. Welcome back! I really like your loyalty to Stronghold :D
  8. Thanks for sharing!!! Finally I can revive mega Swampert
  9. Okay so I managed to get G-Mod for the MAC, and I'm going to share my steam Acc with my 9 yr old brother. Am I going to get striked for it? When I'm not on TS, my brother is using my Acc. Just throwing it out there.

    1. Falx


      Have you got approval from your superiors to do this without getting striked? Because I'm not sure if they allow exceptions to the rule that cannot be tracked (such as someone else using your steam account)

    2. Roxas


      Right. I'll have a word with them.

    3. TheLoneEagle


      This will be fine.

  10. worth y
  11. Just yes. My life is complete
  12. Well on the plus side, Dhelmise acts as the anchor for fights... so I'd say he's meta
  13. Lol just imagine the amount of ult quotes being blurted out
  14. Sometimes I hate being at the top. It makes me feel like I don't have a life xD

    1. DJWombat


      I find it fun, helps me learn how to be reliable and responsible for something :D

    2. Roxas


      I mean, look at the weekly posts and there I am

    3. DJWombat


      Im there too, just top 10 rather than top 2.

      Oh wait that was monthly posts, eh still, its your job

  15. There's one time he opens his eyes though...