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  1. Thanks, just stuff sent to me by some people. Thanks! Same, join the club homie!
  2. something I whipped up earlier, no effect except color correction. Next montage, probably some different game, will have more.
  3. 2v2 Tournament with MrEpic https://www.twitch.tv/kevinchronicles

    1. Drippin


      Thanks for filling in Keverino!!!

      Hope it was a good time

    2. Keverino


      Second game my internet was taken down sadly, just fucked Epic over sadly :(

  4. Check out the Media Teams first upload on the youtube, lets get this content train rolling!


    1. LameyGamey


      This is such a cool idea! Would love to be a part of this when you guys start inviting others from the clan (and if I get accepted)! 

    2. Keverino


      @LameyGameyYou can check this out although its for personal content, try asking @Tuesday


  5. Quick Intro

    Welcome, hmu anytime to play
  6. Hey Guys

    Welcome homie! Enjoy yourself!
  7. Good job my dad! Glad to see you guys having such great achievements!
  8. My Future PC

    I'll be getting some upgrades soon in terms of a gtx 970 to a 1060/1070 and maybe a psu
  9. s0LA's way of becoming a Veteran!

    I thought this was a walk through and guide, disappointed. 4/10.
  10. There is no way, the accounts are super cheap and mods are free, there will be hackers in any game people set their sights on.
  11. Is that you Michael bay? Lol nice montage!