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  2. Why does it smell over here?

  3. NEW song i found

    For those MGK fans (Machine Gun Kelly) Lace up for the new song he just put out a bit ago.
  4. Child abuse.

  5. Key/peele are something else they are the king of skits WHO GO THAT BIG D I GOT THAT BIG D
  6. Killer Dogestar(TM)

    Took me a second look to get the horse but funny. Canadian alphabet A B C D E F GUYYYY
  7. Tip how to pick up girls!

    During this smile that girl knew she had fucked up!
  8. Joke Thread Leggo!

    the fuck i missed and the Cop joke was hilarious!
  9. Poem

    we need more cowbell in this one!
  10. Compliment Rap Battle

    idk y but i found this funny
  11. Multiplayer Etiquette

    ehh seen that one to many times
  12. [18+ WEIRDOS ONLY] Shower

    oh boy i can't wait.. i went in a Tight End and came out a Wide Receiver !
  13. Dont forget to vote :)

    absolutely funny
  14. Never let your gf touch your hair.

    Cant get fucked with if you look good