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  1. How do you make your bed??

    macu ur bid? whats dat? in all seriousness, i find the act of making ones bed humourous, like, nobodys gonna see your bed often, and your just gonna mess it up in 12 hrs anyway :/ tho, i understand if your having someone over for a night of fun, then hell yeah make your bed, give it a flower scent, light some candles etc... but even for friends i would say dont bother
  2. so Steam Link, a $50 piece of equipment, is only $1 if you get it in the ICEY bundle while on sale


    i cant even use this, but thats a f-ing steal!








    1. Kushzei


      Wow thanks! Got mine from this info :D

  3. omg, i went to reset my steam password because it broke again (my passwords ALWAYS stop working randomly, no clue why, its like that for every site)


    and it turns out, i have a THIRD steam account, i knew about my 2nd one i have floating around, but i was wondering about my 3rd one lol


  4. .... i broke steam



    1. AFDragon


      Why do you have so many steam accounts?

    2. AlinaStarkova


      no clue honestly, i knew i had one other because i used it a long time ago and forgot the password, i had no idea i had any others, and i still probs have more to find since i have 27 email accounts that could be associated with steam lol

    1. AlinaStarkova


      Ok, seriously, im taking this up with leadership, this really has to stop, this isnt spam, and whoever keeps using that spam pig on everything i do needs to stop



    2. rewerb


      Why can you even vote on statuses?

    3. AlinaStarkova


      No clue, also no clue why anyone would just mark spam on all my things lol


    1. AlinaStarkova


      yeah, cuz this is totally spam lol

  6. Having Difficulties Setting Profile Picture

    I believe Reg Guests cant set a profile pic, you have to atleast be an initiate
  7. Hey guys, so like, uhhhhh, imma be binging on netflix for a bit.... watching uhhhhh.... ok i admit, imma watch this


    1. Nyx


      That's fine taste!

  8. Good shows on Netflix?

    Greenhouse Academy idk if netflix links work cuz the whole account thing, but this: https://www.netflix.com/browse?jbv=80095435&jbp=2&jbr=7
  9. Wisedom Teeth Extractions

    You technically dont need any numbing agents or pain releievers, when i was 6 i knocked my tooth out forcefully and bent a nearby tooth out of position, i lost a few quarts of blood, when i went to the doctors it was found that the bent tooth was holding open a blood vessel preventing the bleeding from stopping, so they just took some pliers and just yanked it out, there was some sharp pain at first but after a few minutes it was just tingling, after a couple days i felt fine people only get numbed to reduce the risk the person will junp back in pain which can mess up the operation, but its not needed and the pain releivers? Thats just personal preference, again not needed but some people hate pain :/
  10. i am Silver 4 but i was joking that i was actually GE
  11. I have a problem:




    it took me 3 days of calling my bank, and contacting not one1, but TWO support people on valve just to get em bought