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  1. I'm neutral on this. The fact that I don't yet own a Switch aside, I think this bodes really badly for the VGC scene unless something comes up. That being said, the capabilities of the Switch are much better than the 3DS, so it should allow new dimension to the gameplay.
  2. Pretty sure Rain Teams with Pelipper/Politoed, Tapu Koko + Swift-Swim Sweeper (either Ludicolo, Kingdra or Golduck) will "rain" supreme, though I can see an argument being made with Tyranitar/Hippowdon/Gigalith + Excadrill.
  3. I think the more likely scenario is you remember Diamond or Pearl more, which only has a few items from this list included. And that's okay, there's good reason to dislike the Sinnoh games (not including Platinum).
  4. Once you get the National Dex, the following occurs: - Receive access to Pal Park - Receive PokéRadar and Super Rod - Pokémon Swarms begin - All 3 Legendary Birds are now catchable (all are roaming though) - Gain access to Fullmoon Island (Cresselia) - Cave on the East Side of Victory Road becomes accessible - Battle Zone becomes accessible (along with it the Battle Frontier, the Battleground and Stark Mountain) - Snowpoint City Temple becomes accessible (need all 3 Regi's from Gen 3 in order to get Regigigas) - Dialga and Palkia are both catchable at Spear Pillar - Elite Four is updated
  5. The transition to the Elite Four in those games, to be fair, is off-putting. As are the last few gyms, especially in the case of Clair's, the Dragon Gym, where you have to go get a Dragon Fang from the Dragon's Den in order to get the Badge. Those things considered, I still rank it high because the early game is so enjoyable.
  6. Ranked considering the remakes part of the same gen (i.e. Gen 1 is Kanto, Gen 2 is Johto, etc) 3>1>2>6>7>4 Would have ranked 4 higher than Gen 6 or 7 had ANY of the major issues I have with Diamond/Pearl be non-existent. I am referring to: - Two lines of Fire-Types available for a regular play-through, one of them being the starters???? - Extremely slow pace and saving (Saving a lot of data ...) - Too many "New" Pokémon only available in the post-game - Team Galactic storyline was messy - Surfing as if you were Surfing on a Slowpoke - Lackluster Post-Game (Yes, I know the above was all fixed in Platinum, but the fact is that those games are still part of Generation 4, and were the original releases) I have not included Gen 5 due to not owning any of the games, and though I have played them, feel my assessment is too biased due to not having the same type of experience with them as with other Regions. If you want to know, it would be ranked last.
  7. Hmm. This is a tough one. Don't really like a lot of the mid-evolutions. I'll give my vote to Metang for being stellar in PU.
  8. Superbly written and well-formatted article. Would love to read more of the such, even though I'm not likely to be purchasing the game anytime soon since I don't have a Switch :) Approved!
  9. Helps my matchup against Pyroar/Drampa by blocking Hyper-Voice.
  10. Hey guys! I've recently started getting into the PU tier. As much as I love using mons like Starmie and Goodra, I love using the mons that don't get a lot of limelight, so this tier is one of my favorites! Having been out of the tier for so long, I looked through a list of mons available and came up with this. At the moment, I have 2 accounts at roughly 1200 elo (note that it takes a long time to get into matches due to low player base). Just wanted to know what everyone thinks of my creation, what I can do to improve the synergy, and if there's anything that seems out of place! http://pokepast.es/ce9eff51542a2fdd A quick rundown of my thought process: FWG Core = Silvally-Fire, Lanturn and Tangela Silvally-Fire Lack of even decent Fire-Types in the tier led me to test out Fire-Silvally, and I gotta say, it's been better than I expected, but it isn't as good as I feel it could be. I'm running a Special Silvally since it has better type coverage this way, plus I don't get hampered by Intimidate users like Qwilfish and Granbull. Unfortunately, this also means this set has no access to boosts, so it doesn't hit as hard as I'd like. Parting Shot is a staple here. Flamethrower for STAB. Surf for the pesky Rock-Types in the tier (Golem, Lycanroc-Midnight) as well as to combat other Fire-Types. Thunderbolt I'm a bit iffy with. I originally had Ice Beam in its slot for a way to deal with Altaria/Torterra, but I kept getting walled by Water-Types like Wartortle, Wishiwashi and Lapras. Willing to go either way, but at the moment Thunderbolt seems more useful. Lanturn Typical Lanturn set. Took this one off of Smogon. Have gotten ZERO Scald burns in my ~15 matches, but otherwise has been very effective as a pivot. Have not been using a lot of Heal Bell, so I'm up for changing that moveslot if anyone has a good idea. Tangela Tangela has been the star of this team to be completely honest. Regenerator is super annoying; it also works as a pivot for things Lanturn can't necessarily switch into, such as Earthquake. Only thing I'd be willing to change on this set would be the EVs. The Rest Sandslash I realized with my core, I did not have any entry hazards nor hazard removal in any form, so I quickly rectified it with the Sandslash. It's been quite good surprisingly. SR for hazard setup and RS for hazard removal. EQ for STAB. Toxic for anything that can't be hit with EQ. I'm up to change up this moveset if there's better available, but it's been quite effective so far. Mr. Mime I needed a Special Sweeper so after a bunch of testing, I settled on the Mime. I've had multiple sets for Mr. Mime in this slot. I started with Scarf. Then I found it didn't have enough power so I moved to Specs. Then I realized I didn't have a single Z-Move on the team, and this was probably the best place to include it. So I removed Shadow Ball and Focus Blast and put in Calm Mind and Substitute. So far it has performed well, but the Z-Move has not been super useful. Is Fairium-Z better? Skuntank I figured a Dark-Type is always useful. I started with Alolan-Persian, but it wasn't doing what I needed so I moved to Skuntank. Again, I've had multiple sets in this slot with varying success. I tested Special Attacker, Banded, and I settled on annoying Pursuit-Trapper. Having a second mon with hazard removal is a bonus. I'm up for changing up the moveset if anyone has suggestions. Note: I took Sucker Punch off in favor for Crunch since I wasn't getting use out of it. Would also consider removing Poison Jab. Replays (which are still seemingly having troubles) https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7pu-643090956 --> Opponent forfeited at T8 https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7pu-642939124 --> Opponent forfeited at T27 (Also note this was with Specs Mr. Mime) Other Notes I know I am weak to setup, especially Bibarel, Lickylicky, Pyroar and D-Dance Altaria if it's running Flyinium-Z. Probably add D-Dance Fraxure, Lapras and Masquerain in there. Let me know what you think! Tagging Singles members @claduva @SunTzu @BallisticPlanet @ShadowLight284 @BlazeInfernape @Gliscor @Vergi1 @MasterAndy69 @Sol @Hiredguns Tagging other members who might want to have a say @TheGamer777 @13thShade @TheBreadwitch @Soulrick
  11. I completely forgot about this thing until I saw it on Sky Tower in Red Rescue Team. Such a cool design actually, just really forgettable since it's trash.
  12. I own the Gameboy Color Pinball game! Superbly fun, especially on a long drive! Just not a game you can play for a long time at a time, unlike other Pokémon games. It only has so much content.
  13. B-Drum is good. I personally prefer Choice Band due to needing to use either Sitrus or Normalium-Z to boost, and Band hits hard enough anyway. Been meaning to test Sap Sipper though. Could be decent in some meta games.