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  1. 16:42 is with glitches. 2:20 is glitchless.
  2. Routing is current divided between Squirtle and Charmander %, the latter having the current WR. I'm testing a new route on Squirtle that would cut the time spent on Nugget Bridge down.
  3. I'm currently in the midst of routing my own version of Fire Red/Leaf Green, and have attempted speed runs of Super Mario World before, but that's about it.
  4. Interesting article! I didn't know Switcheroo Delmise could even work. Approved!
  5. Was actually planning on rewatching this soon! Absolutely fantastic, but don't think I'm going to watch Korra. Did not enjoy the first 10 episodes.
  6. I actually do think the announcement of the Core Pokemon Game on the Switch devalues the Ultra Sun & Moon games, at least for the non-competitive players. The VGC2018 format is likely to have Ultra Sun & Moon as the game of choice, even though Sun & Moon have only been out for 1 year, so the value to comp players is still high. Since it's an alternate story (Correct me if I'm wrong here), it probably appeals less to the rest of the potential player-base, and the announcement of a "Core, RPG-Style" game on the Switch lowers it's potential value even more. I'd say you should probably do some work on your budget and save up for the Switch + the game. I think the Switch will be more than worth it once it comes out, especially with Mario Odyssey looking phenomenal and BOTW being such a fantastic game already (with apparently DLCs coming).
  7. Sorry, I checked all my boxes. I don't have any. @claduva
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kM1wxLwddTcglvxciWldVzsSn-8r0T2r4md0nhASNNk/edit#gid=996100592 ^ This is a fan-made document for what is available in Tiny Tourney. I will be playing this, I have won a Tiny Tourney Tournament in the VGC room so I hope my win-rate in this challenge will be higher than the last. I will not spoil my team's sets until after the challenge, but I am running Scarf Excadrill.
  9. Once again, fantastic article. I love the style, it's fantastic for new players! Approved!
  10. No problem my dude, feel free to make a post on here if you get stuck somewhere or just pm me and I'll give you advice on how to continue :)
  11. Necrozma's Ability: "Prism Armor". Hmmmmm.
  12. If you're looking to go back to the good ole days of the Game Boy, I would suggest getting an emulator and playing one of Red/Blue/Yellow or Silver/Gold/Crystal. That being said, as far as "fan games" go, Pokémon Uranium is probably the best of the completed ones. Fantastic story-line (some very good twists throughout), no known disastrous bugs, mostly linear map, and a large amount of "Fakemons" that are relatively easy to learn typings for as you go. I might write an article about this game after I play through it once more (so I can take notes lol), but I definitely suggest playing it, the storyline alone is worth it! Also note on the Nuclear type, offensive-wise Nuclear is super effective against everything except for Nuclear and Steel, which resist it. Defensively, everything is super-effective against it except for Nuclear, which is not very effective, and Poison, which is normal effective.
  13. If Braviary had a way to go Scarf and OHKO Koko without a Defiant Boost it would be a whole lot more viable tbh, because Koko users would have to plan for it.
  14. Approved on my end. Note: I really like this Pokémon, but with so little variety in movesets, I have difficulty fitting it onto teams.