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  1. Westworld

    I was so happy to find this show when GOT ended, but I can't believe we will have to wait until 2018 for a second season! I don't think we will get to see to much of robots venturing out into the real world, but I do hope that they will show us the other worlds, for example that Samuraj world shown in the most recent episode.
  2. The Walking Dead

    Glenn is my favourite character for sure, but I stopped watching during season 3 when the show became increadibly slow (That's the season when they have just found a prison they want to live in). Does the show pick up and becoming better again? I heard they released a 6th season recently.
  3. Sup y'all

    Welcome to DI :) I agree that writing introduction posts can be a little bit of an awkward chore, but most people here are pretty cool. If you are into Civ, I think you'd enjoy Stronghold Kingdoms a lot, we always need more players.
  4. Hi

    Welcome to DI :) Cool chatting with you on Team Speak. Are you from Riga? I went there once, great city.
  5. Greetings

    You forgot to mention the Part about how sucky Shand is :)
  6. Yongda's Introduction

    Welcome, gratz on accepted application.
  7. Predict Premier League 2013/14 Top 4

    Yeah, I think it's a mistake to add Liverpool to the list, but I don't really believe in Arsenal either. My list would be: 1. Man Utd 2. Man City 3. Chelsea 4. Tottenham
  8. May 25th World Wide March Against Monsanto

    Same as you would march against any other similar Instance.Actually many protests in our future (as well as it was in the past) and all around the world will be against company's and transnational cooperation's (rather then local regimes and varieties of paravans of control) because they are the ones deciding, limiting, installing controling not the politicians or the government's... ...anybody who thinks that political party in power or the president of the state (with associated hierarchy) really represent people or that they are making any serious decisions is not really aware of anything what is going on today and how the "machine" works. Its not like people really have that choice, nor does societies today encourage or provide opportunities to choose from any alternative... new generations only have illusion of that choice which you speak about and if you dont see that then its understandable why you wouldnt ...its not in the interest of the biggest coorp. to allow let alone provide alternative .. why would they ?g and understanding why it have nothing to do with Democracy the better... with time mediocre people would soon follow and understand as well eventually. It seems you are only projecting this company to be 'Evil' as a defence mechanism. I've never heard of a limited company or coorperation that doesn't work for profit. They all exist to make money. This can be done be either producing products effectively (Cheap labor, Genetic modification etc) or making people think they are 'trying to save the world'. Companies will ALWAYS choose the route that brings them the most money, and one single company can't be blamed for this if you don't approve. How far a company are allowed to go to make money is regulated by your government. If your government fails, vote for another party. If that party looses, the public mind has spoken and decided that your country overall wants to keep GM food. If your company wins but lies, they won't stay in office for long in a wellrun democracy. You say that the companys control your government, this is impossible in a democracy unless they are fixing your elections. The people control the governments and if they don't approve the government will be kicked out by next election because only people can vote, not companies. You never have to compromise, you can always vote for a party which you approve or start your own party. If this is not the case, then the problem does not lie with the company in question, but with your government and political system. If it is as you imply, that companies now control governments, you should be out there demonstrating and marching against the concept of democracy, not the company.
  9. May 25th World Wide March Against Monsanto

    How can you march against a company? A company can only exist if people buy their products. If you don't like a product, don't buy it or grow your own. If they make money from creating a product, it defacto means enough people buying and governments allowing approve of their product. If you think they shouldn't be allowed to operate, vote for a political party that don't allow them, if your party doesn't win, then you must just accept that the company has been democratically approved to operate, (or stage a revolution for a new government).
  10. Biocide's introduction

    Hi and welcome to DI. I like your username :) Good luck with your application.
  11. Introduction from Tiaga

    Hi and welcome to DI gaming community :)
  12. Judith of Ark

    Hi and welcome to DI gaming community :)
  13. Mendeleus introduction

    Hi and welcome to DI gaming community :)
  14. Guess next person to post?

    Nope. MasterPUhA next.
  15. Guess next person to post?

    Nope. But I will go for warfororks aswell. He is such a spammer that it feels like a safe bet ;)