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  1. History's next series "Knightfall".

    If theres anything to take from their Vikings, this show will probably hold up the epic quality also. @AFDragon
  2. Vikings Season 5 HYPE

  3. You Laugh You Lose Challenge. #3

    Ref for rules and the first Challenge here : #2 YLYL : Ive lso got a You Groove You Lose challenge going on the Music subforum wich i post a new one around every month currently, link : But this one is all about the kek's so lets get started. Warning tho, as a few videos may be Really Loud. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
  4. Browser games

    Adventure Quest Worlds use to be a game id nolife over on the browser.
  5. @Silverdragun getting like 3 or 4 kills with Symmetra in the middle of the enemy team. ;D and then later @drunkdragon8 's Torbjörn play of the game when hes turret was spazzing out at a enemy above him while at the same time killing 3 to 4 ppl. Was my first time playing Overwatch thanks to the free weekend, the event group we got was pretty good also cuz we didnt lose a single game on quick match. c;
  6. Wallpaper Thread.

  7. delete please.

    Welcome, Lauren. Hope you get accepted. ^^
  8. Torrents / Torrenting ?

  9. Favorite anime of all time

    In my opinion for sure, it has a slight comedy aspect to it tho so many dont like it.
  10. Acatalepsy VS Midnight

    http://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561198054740580/ Might stream, cant promise tho.
  11. Torrents / Torrenting ?

    Anyone Within the Clan into torrenting ? Have a few games that id love to play in multiplayer but the games are torrented or cracked so that would mean using a lan connection ( Gameranger / Hamachi / Tunngle ) Some of the games i have : Deep rock Galactic ( a 4 man co-op game about going underground. ) Tooth and Tail ( a new RTS game that just came out on steam. ) CK 2 Cannon Brawl ( mix of RTS and artillery gameplay. ) I have not tested them in anyway so i would love to try and get a lan multiplayer going if anyone would be up for it. Can provide the links or torrents to the games if wanted.
  12. Favorite anime of all time

    One Punch Man ftw.
  13. Ref. for rules and the other posts here : As the Title says for this one ill be posting some GoT songs that i find myself listening to alot recently cuz of how epic the show has gotten. c; #1 #3 #3 #4 And that all i have for GoT c; These are the few songs that i just cant stop listening these past few weeks under the influence of the show but now to the modern day music. ;D #5 The Magic behind This one is the Video and the sync with music just.. Watch it and you'll understand. #6 Yeah i know... The picture, lol. But its not meant to be towards GoT so yeah. #7 Although a older song from him , he still delivers. Praise God Stephen. (ノ゜O゜)ノ #8 The First AMV to be feature in my playlist tbh, dont regret ever adding this one on there tho ofc. c; #9 Talking really is overrated these days, we should all vibe together. c; #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Leaving it a bit short this time from the usual 25 songs but thats cuz i have some more special edition's planned so yeah im working on those, anyway hope you guys like the music.<3