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  1. Hey Ramesis glad you are applying to join the clan! (;
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  3. Dueling and Ganking can be good ways to make huge money also. ;P
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  5. Welcome to the clan, Chain.
  6. Nice, great to see someone other than myself making use of the Guide section now. Love the game, played it quite alot. Big ups for the guide! c;
  7. Ref for rules and the first Challenge here : Ive lso got a You Groove You Lose challenge going on the Music subforum wich i post a new one around every month currently, link : But this one is all about the kek's so lets get started. Warning tho, as a few videos may be Really Loud. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Thats it for this one, hope you guys had some laughs! c;
  8. Albion Online Beginner’s Guide This is still unfinished, will be adding and improving quite alot of it, most of the stuff here is still subject to change so please wait until the guide is fully finished before using it in detail. The vast world of Albion Online offers nearly limitless opportunities for newly-arrived heroes. You will write your own story and make a name for yourself. With all the new things to discover once you arrive on the shores of Albion, the Destiny Board, the different zones, the classless system...I want to provide you with a helpful guide, so you know where to start. Albion Online is a Full Loot sandbox MMO with a heavy emphasis on player-driven economy, Full Loot PvP and role playing niches. What is a player-driven economy? It means in the certain cities and areas, NPC’s, buildings and all of that are all crafted in place by the players. Albion Online is also using the Full Loot PvP system. In some certain areas in the game, your body is able to be looted with all the gear you had on you when you die. One golden rule you should hold on to when playing a new character or when you are relatively new to the game is to stay within two or three zones of your starting area. Do not venture too far if your character isn’t strong enough. Your starting cross has every crafting station to make all the gear from tier one through tier three. And you can find all tier two to three materials within two to three zones of the starting region. After tier three, you’ll need to either build a higher tier crafting building, buy the higher tier gear from a auction house or find a higher tier building in a nearby city which might have extremely high taxes. There are no classes in Albion Online. All abilities are provided by gear that you’re actually wearing. For example, if you would like to be an archer, simply find a bow to access all bow related skills. In addition, different types of armor give you different set of skills as well. When first entering the game you may notice that there is no quest giver or NPC to direct you on your journey. Don’t be alarmed as this is intentional. In Albion Online, you script your own legacy and determine your own path. However, the Destiny Board is available as a support-system to help you better define who you wish to become as a player. The first thing you will want to do is open the Destiny Board by hitting the “B” hotkey. < Picture incomplete, is missing clarification text for each route, will add later > Yes, at first glance the destiny board will appear to be very complex, but don’t feel discouraged as it will only take a few moments to fully grasp that it is a lot more coherent than it appears. This will be your unspoken guide for character progression in Albion, and it is accessible anywhere, anytime. You will begin progressing your destiny board from the moment you log in. After closing your destiny board, take a look at the right-top of your screen. There you will find your initial destiny board tasks to complete and begin your journey. Upon arrival at the shores of Albion’s coast, you will end up in one of four locations: Highland Cross, Swamp Cross, Mountain Cross or Forest Cross. If you plan on beginning your journey with a companion, then traveling between each starter region is a rather simple process. This can be done by speaking to the Travel Planner located on the ship docks of each starter city. You can then travel between each starter region… for a small fee unless you are completely naked. < missing picture/s , will add later > Proceed by gathering those initial rocks and logs, and slay those innocent bunnies to your hearts content! Don’t forget to loot all the rabbit-hide while you’re at it. Grabbing some extra of each resource will come in handy, as every resource you gather will prove to be useful in one way or another. After you complete your initial task of gathering resources, it’s time to create your first items: gathering tools and weapons. Head on over to the first NPC you will encounter in the game, in the middle of the map, which will provide the workbench necessary to create your initial gear and tools. Onto your first creations! Now that you have your resources in inventory, you’re ready to make your first tools and weapons. Gathering tools are an immeasurably important component of Albion Online’s crafting system, as they allow you to gather higher tier resources, thus resulting in crafting stronger weapons and armor in the process. < missing picture/s , will add later > Resources come in eight different tiers. Each tier becomes increasingly challenging to find in the open world, as resource scarcity is a very tangible factor in world of Albion. Only the best of the best will be able to maintain the highest tier of gear, so keep in mind that the world is indeed a competitive one. You will need the appropriate tier level of tools to gather a resource of the same tier. With that being said, make sure to always have gathering tools on-hand if you plan on gathering and creating your own gear. Knowing that you plan to be the best of the best, go on and create your tier 1 tools. This will be your first step in achieving the ultimate goal of unlocking tier 8. With your tools in-hand, gather some more stone, wood and hide (or use those handy-extra ones you gathered earlier) and create your first weapons and armor in Albion. Like gear, raw materials come in different tier which allow you to craft the gear for that corresponding tier. In order to craft items, you’ll need to refine the raw materials. The raw materials are refined at corresponding crafting stations for each raw materials. Ores are refined at the smelter, fabrics are refined at the weaver, stones are refined at the stone mason and wood is refined at the lumber mill. < missing picture/s , will add later > Another tip when gathering is to be cautious of the weight limit. In Albion Online, your character has a limit to how much you can carry. If you go over this limit, you will move very, very slow. Your limit can be increased by crafting a bag, getting a mount which you can ride when you’re over encumbered with items. < missing picture/s , will add later > The Classless System: You Are What You Wear Upon crafting your sword, shield and leather armor, let’s take another glance at the destiny board. Although you currently wield sword and shield in-hand, it is important to notice that once you’ve acquired enough fame (read: experience) to progress into tier 2 weapons and armor, your gearing options become limitless. This ties into the fact that Albion Online’s approach to character progression does not confine you to a particular role, but instead, allows you to create the character and play-style of your preference. To put it simply, you are what you wear. One day you can play as a cloth-bearing fire mage, pyro-blasting your enemies into flames. While another day, you can be a full-fledged tank in plate armor, protecting your allies from hordes of Undead in the trenches of Albion’s dungeons. All of this can be accomplished on a single character. In-line with the simplistic nature of Albion’s design, is the simplicity of the classless system. When you first equip a piece of armor or weapon, you’ll notice that on the bottom side of your screen that new skills will be present. If you equip a different type of armor or weapon, you’ll then find that the skills have changed. Again, you are what you wear. Wearing different armor-types will result in different skills and an entirely new and refreshing playstyle with each change. This opens the door for endless theory-crafting; your only limiting-factor is how imaginative you allow yourself to be, thus creating a play-style that defines you as a player. Let’s talk a little bit about the combat and the fighting system of Albion Online for tiers one through three. Well, it’s pretty simplistic from the beginning tiers because you’ll be soloing most of the time, and you’re going to be doing PvE instead of PvP. As a solo fighter, you don’t really have to do much except stand still and cast skills. Most of the difficulty and complexity in Albion’s combat comes in harder dungeons such as hellgates which normally require a team rather than a solo play. The only tip for beginners is not to bite off more than you can chew. You might think you’re all-mighty and powerful but you cannot take more than three enemies at once most of the time. Silver Main currency of the game is silver. Silver is key to repairing gear. Silver doesn't drop from every mob. Mostly silver only drops from humanoid mobs such as skeletons, bandits and other similar creatures. They are often hidden away in certain areas of each region or can be found in dungeons. < missing picture/s , will add later > Zones As a new player it will be important to understand that new challenges will present themselves along the way. There is a learning curve to survival in Albion Online, as it is one of the defining features of the game. Let’s cover a few tips to ensure that you will be having a memorable and joyous experience. To begin, it is imperative to understand the zone system in Albion Online. There are four zone-types, each presenting new challenges and daring opportunity. You can recognize each zone type by opening your world map ("M" hotkey) and zooming in to look at the zone name. They are color-coordinated based on each type of zone and the encompassing risks involved. < missing picture/s , will add later > Blue zones The first of the four is the green zone. This is where you are at right now, and it is the only completely safe zone-type in Albion. Expect to find resources varying from tier 1 through tier 4 in these zones. You should feel safe bringing your founders gear and mounts out into these zones, as there is very little danger present besides the first mobs you will be killing out in the open world. If you end up dying in a green-zone, do not be alarmed as you will only be knocked-down momentarily and incur a durability loss, rather than actually dying and losing your gear. The green zones are an excellent place to get your feet-wet in your first PvE (player versus environment) adventures in Albion, so take the time to learn the intricacies of combat and resource gathering in these zones. If you die every now and then in the green zones, no worries! Your viewers will laugh with you in the process. < missing picture/s , will add later > Yellow Zones Next, we have the yellow zones. Expect to find resources varying from tier 3 through tier 5 in these zones, with a small amount of tier 6 as well. This will be the first zone that you will potentially encounter PvP (player versus player) in Albion Online. However, sharing similar functionality to the green zones, if you die in a yellow zone you are only knocked-down momentarily and acquire a durability loss rather than dropping your items. With that being said, you should feel relatively safe with bringing your Founder’s gear out into yellow zones as well. The main difference here is that you should keep your ears open in case of any conniving player killers lurking to try and kill you. This is possible by flagging up for PvP. You can flag yourself as hostile by clicking the “shield” icon next to your hitpoints bar. Only flag yourself if you are actually looking for PvP. Staying unflagged provides you with a friendly-buff which will help you defend yourself from those who may be after you. Whether you are the pacifist or the player killer, it is important to keep on your toes and be wary of the slight danger that yellow zones have to offer. < missing picture/s , will add later > Red Zones Third is the red zones. Expect a variance of resources ranging from tier 4 through tier 6 in these zones. This is where your adrenaline will really begin to pick up and the idea of risk versus reward begins to truly rear its head in the game. If you die in a red zone, there is no turning back and all items on your person will be dropped as spoils for the victor. If you plan on making an early entry into the red zones then I would advise you to bank your Founder’s items, including your horse and ox, as you wouldn’t want to lose these too early on in the game! There are no friendly player-buffs here, and everyone is on even-footing in regards to PvP. When you are actively engaging in red zones, be completely aware of the risks and rewards you are delving into. If you kill a player, all the loot is yours, and vice versa if a player kills you. Something important to keep in mind is that Albion Online does support you in your solo endeavors. When there are more than 10 enemies near you in a red zone, you will see them as a red blob on your mini map. This is a sure-fire alert of danger, and will give you the opportunity to escape from an unfavorable fight, unless of course… you’re feeling like a hero! < missing picture/s , will add later > Black Zones Finally, we have the black zones. Expect to find resources ranging from tier 5 to tier 8 in these zones. This is the end-all be-all of the zone types, and by far, the most dangerous (and most rewarding) of them all. Similar to red zones, if you die in a black zone you will drop all of the items in your inventory, including your equipped gear. There are no friendly-buffs, no mini-map indicators of danger, or anything to help you in these zones besides your own wit and merit. When you’ve reached the point of engaging in black zones, you are ready for the highest level of open world competition that Albion has to offer. Keep in mind that different tiers of mobs will also be present all throughout the world of Albion! In similar fashion to resource tiers, mobs also function similarly in Albion. They come in eight tiers, with increased difficulty and scarcity based on tier. You will find the easiest mobs to defeat in green zones, with the most challenging mobs in black zones. With an understanding of the various zone-types, and the risk versus rewards present in each respective zone you’ve acquired a strong understanding of when and how to approach each zone, along with the risks you’re willing to take. Even though you’ve come a long way, we still need to cover the elephant topic in the room. The topic that will test your dedication, integrity and overall experience in Albion Online; joining a guild. < missing picture/s , will add later > This is still unfinished, will be adding and improving quite alot of it, most of the stuff here is still subject to change so please wait until the guide is fully finished before using it in detail.
  9. Im sure @Nota could make you a cool sig with something related to albion.
  10. Anyone here know of these ? Anyone played them ? They look interesting.
  11. Laborers Laborers are a major feature in one of Albion Online's core mechanics, private islands. Laborers are NPC's that can be hired to perform various tasks. Laborers are hired from your house or guild hall for 1000 silver. Once hired, the laborer will occupy space in your house and require furniture and trophies to keep them happy. Laborers will give you a journal which they need you to fill for them. Filling the journal can be done by doing the required action depending on the type of laborer you have hired. When you perform the same task your laborer was hired for, the journal will fill up and once full, you can then hand the journal back to the laborer and he will complete the same task over a period of several hours. Note that the journals must be in your Inventory to be filled and only fill one journal at a time. You can hire more than one laborer but you will need additional beds, furniture, and trophies to ensure that they are all happy. Figuring out how to utilize laborers can be a difficult task for new players, which is why I'm here to explain them for you! Listed below are all of the gathering and refining laborers that you can hire to help you on your journey. You can find a list of laborers, how to fill their journals and what they will reward you with below. Gathering Laborers This type of laborers are usually the easiest ones to understand as they primarily just do basic gathering for you. The amount of resources that they typically return is somewhere between the 0 and ~200, based upon their happiness. Lumberjack Fill journal by gathering wood. Gathers wood for player. Stonecutter Fill journal by gathering stone. Gathers stone for player. Prospector Fill journal by gathering ores. Gathers ores for player. Cropper Fill journal by gathering fiber. Gathers fiber for player. Gamekeeper Fill journal by gathering animal skins. Gathers animal skins for player. Mercenary Fill journal by doing PVE. Gathers silver for player. Refining Laborers These laborers are a little more complicated than the gathering ones, but should still be pretty easy to understand after I explain what they can do for you. As I'm sure you can guess, these laborers are focused mostly on the crafting side of things. Blacksmith Fill journal by using a Warrior's Forge. Provides player with planks, leather and metal bars. Fletcher Fill journal by using a Hunter's Lodge. Provides player with planks, leather and metal bars. Imbuer Fill journal by using a Mage's Tower. Provides player with planks, cloth and metal bars. Tinker Fill journal by using a Toolmaker. Provides player with planks, cloth and metal bars. Aside from all these specialized Laborers for specific resources they also have "Generalist Trophy Journal's" which if you get and fill up (Fills up by doing Anything Fame related, doesn't matter what.) You get trophies for depending on the Laborer you give it to. Just in case a video version is needed, which talks a bit more in-depth and shows off the Laborers in-game models and Trophies. Special thanks go out to @LittlePittlefor helping me get into Laborers and better understand them as a new player in Albion.
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  14. As the title says, If you Laugh to a Video that ive posted, you lose. If you Do lose, quote the video and comment That you've lost. Warning tho, as a few videos may be Really Loud or differ completely from the others and am posting for the fun of it and personally think these are funny, if you dont...Well your loss. ;^) Ive lso got a You Groove You Lose challenge going on the Music subforum wich i post a new one around every month currently, link : #1 (and yes i know the vids have titles with numbers, but idc its to keep myself in track of the post. #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Ill end it here to not make it too long as i do have a limited amount of good ones, sad thing is also that vimeo only allows 10vids per day with a limited size in the end so yeh idk vimeo was the best choice for now as uploading to youtube is a pain and no other means of embedding seem to work on these forums... Sigh, anyway hope you enjoyed and had a laugh cuz when i first found these vids i kek'd hard.