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  1. New to DOTA

    I would be down to teach you the basics of Dota. They may come easier than most due to your LoL experience. Just PM me or find me on TS whenever you want to play.
  2. Next Weekend's Big Event

    This was more of a suggestion post. I have an in-house 5v5 next Saturday.
  3. Calendar Schedule 8/14 - 8/20

    I am no longer Casual B TL. You can talk to methunder about all of that.
  4. Calendar Schedule 8/14 - 8/20

    They are @methunder's meetings now
  5. In-House 5v5

    I have made the 5v5 in-house for next Saturday 8/25. If you guys can make it, please come. Invite everyone you know, so we can make it into a tournament. Thanks guys!
  6. In-House 5v5

    That would be awesome! If we can get enough people to mix and match, we can see how they play and see if they would like to join DI
  7. In-House 5v5

    I am wanting to have a in-house 5v5 sometime within the next week or so. I would like everyone to post on here if they are willing to be apart of it. We will decide the time and day for the event here. Let me know when everyone is available to play. We will also decided whether or not to play all pick, captains mode, or reverse captains mode. We can make this a weekly or monthly event. If we get enough players, we can play single elimination tourney 5v5. We can also invite people from the outside to join in. Thanks everyone! :D
  8. Calendar Schedule This is the calendar schedule for week of 8/14 - 8/20. If anyone else has a event posted, reply to this post to let everyone know! 8/14 - 8/18: Pub Nights all week, as usual. Everyone is welcome to join! Casual B Team is required to RSVP to every even to increase activity on the forums, and it will also welcome people to join. 8/19: Team Event for Casual B. Everyone is welcome to join and play some pubs with us! RSVPing for Casual B the same here. 8/20: Casual B Meeting. Everyone on Casual B is required to RSVP. If anyone not in Casual B wants to join, please do ask before joining. If you do have events you want to advertise, you are more than welcome to reply with your own event schedule. Thanks everyone! :D
  9. My new dota 2 goal

    OMG lol that is certainly a goal XD
  10. Next Weekend's Big Event

    Yeah I will get in touch with you tonight when I get home and talk about everything.
  11. Next Weekend's Big Event

    You can that would work, but wait until later tonight so I can see who all has RSVPed to my event
  12. Next Weekend's Big Event

    How about we combine meetings? That way we can all have a sudo division meeting and just talk about everything?
  13. Casual Team B OBJ August 2017

    If that's something you really want go for it lol
  14. .

    You are legit my hero! XD
  15. Calendar Schedule 8/7 - 8/12

    just show up for events. you dont even have to play tbh. I just want good turnout, but playing would help that exponentially.