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  1. Happy Birthday :)

    1. Jonse


      Thank you :)

  2. chess-gift-17265307.jpg

    1. Jonse


      Nice chess pieces :)

  3. What's up everybody

    Welcome to DI BeerCheese. What kind of cheese do you use when drinking beer? Or do you just eat beer flavored cheese?
  4. INTRO TO ME (?)

    Welcome to Damage Incorporated Jiblitz I hope you like it here. Your dog has a lack of minerals and it's twitching you should feed him properly ;)
  5. Introduction :D

    Welcome to Damage Incorporated Jake I hope you like it here.
  6. Greetings to all

    Welcome to DI Chain if you want to play some CS:GO together poke me on teamspeak if you see me ;)
  7. Hey there!

    Welcome to DI Shiro by any chance are you good at games like this one? :D
  8. What you listening to?

  9. Song of the Day

  10. Suggestions for new Anime to watch

    Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism , Akame ga kill , Bleach. Those three aren't samurai anime but they have sword fights although only second and third are more serious ones.
  11. I want your opinion...

    If it's fun for you I don't see reason why you shouldn't make videos. As for the content do something that interests you and it will attract people with similar interests
  12. Well a lot do get banned but then steam sale starts and cheater count grows again :D cheaper CSGO = more cheaters
  13. Naruto Shippuden

    Just watch Naruto non-stop and you will catch up in no time :D One episode takes about 25minutes so you would need 8750minutes or 145hours50minutes or 6days 1hour 50minutes of non-stop watching to go through all 350episodes. So you will manage to catch up in one week for sure
  14. Superpowers

    I should have known that logic doesn't work well together with superpowers