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  1. Current DI Team - Casual Team A (Old Team Havoc RIP) Primary role - Mid Secondary role(s), if applicable - Top What type of team are you looking for? Flex Ranked or C vs. C
  2. I'm also of the mind that riot is more concerned with pushing out new skins that people will buy rather than fix those that are already bought
  3. A decent leblanc is cancer early game.
  4. There's a bunch of youtubers who make great informational videos on league. I think knowing how the game works is just as important as playing.
  5. I approve of your avatar

    1. SkyWave


      Why thank you good sir,

      I greatly approve of your username.

    2. Snek
  6. is what I use for builds, to get info on my opponents, and what I use while in game.
  7. I think a good rule of thumb is to play champions that snowball well, so if you have a teammate that feeds, you can still carry the team.
  8. So I did not win, I got a solid 2nd place out of 3. I lasted for three days, and the funny thing was I never ran out of chicken... I just hated only being able to eat chicken. I can't look at a chicken for at least a week.
  9. Haha, appreciate the concern, but since I'm going on vacation this Friday, it only has to last 3 days.
  10. We can still drink whatever we want, so I'm making smoothies and stuff to nutrients and not die.
  11. When you live in the desert, there aren't a lot of smart things to do XD
  12. My housemates and I have created a dumb challenge: You need to make (1) rotisserie chicken last as many meals as possible. The winner is the one who can hold out the longest. The catch is that every meal can only be from that (1) chicken you bought Monday. We started today. I'll be posting daily updates. I have high hopes.