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  1. World of Warships Division?

    Put this in the venture expansion sub-forum, and see if you can start a venture. It's the best way to get other players interested.
  2. Our fractured space team with @Tuesday, @Mal, @Coolie, and myself is currently undefeated. DI just being the best.

    1. Coolie


      Damn straight we are!

  3. @ismokeythebear is standing up for minorities. Let X-Comm be heard!

    1. Dom


      X-Comm give it to ya

  4. DI-VI 1v1 Tourney Sign-ups end Sunday night! Sign up now!

    1. ismokeythebear


      Im so high right now I  can only sign under

  5. I am not sad, I just have a resting angry face when I don't have a shit-eating grin!

  6. DAAAAAAYYYYYUM babe, you're looking fine 2day

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    2. BootyDukes


      Wait what do you mean I lied? ):

    3. Razgriz


      Don't look at me. I'm hideous!!! 

      *Plays the low tone on the organ*

    4. SkyWave


      The organ really steps up the intensity

  7. Shout out to the Albion Online Venture. Played for the first time today, and everyone was extremely friendly and willing to go on an easy dungeon for me. Can't wait to see where it ends up. @LittlePittle keep up the good work

    1. LittlePittle


      Thanks sky. It was nice having you

    2. SkyWave


      Better believe I'll be mining for you when the full game comes out.

  8. Chathebronze will formerly known as "Cha Cha"

  9. Current DI Team - Casual Team A (Old Team Havoc RIP) Primary role - Mid Secondary role(s), if applicable - Top What type of team are you looking for? Flex Ranked or C vs. C
  10. I'm also of the mind that riot is more concerned with pushing out new skins that people will buy rather than fix those that are already bought
  11. There's a bunch of youtubers who make great informational videos on league. I think knowing how the game works is just as important as playing.