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  1. My Name Change!

    Hey Nessy, you're name's pretty similar to my friend Nessylov3! You gals should meet!
  2. Air hockey gamemode

    I definitely want to play this!
  3. I bet this is how rocket league started.

    That actually looks very dangerous... but, super awesome and fun
  4. VolleyBall GameMode Opinions.

    It would definitely work as a casual event every once in a while
  5. 2v2 Tourney ProRl

    Hey, at least you lost to an amazing team. But you all have done great! You're making DI proud
  6. The Paris AMA(Ask me Anything)

    Nice choice of movie, it looks interesting, but I've never had a chance to watch it. I'll put it on my list of movies to watch next
  7. Broken Horse Shoe

    Welcome to DI, i hope you enjoy your time here so much that you never leave.
  8. The Paris AMA(Ask me Anything)

    Do you sexually identify as an attack helicopter? but seriously what is your favorite movie/tv show?
  9. 2v2 Gfinity Toruny

    6th place is awesome!! :D
  10. Season 3 Team for DI?

    It would be great to see NA and EU teams for DI
  11. The deed is done

    yeah, I recognized your voice, but the name change really threw me off.
  12. Controller Or Keyboard?

    Controller from day 1
  13. The deed is done

    I was so confused when I talked to you you on TS yesterday, lol but it all makes sense now
  14. I did it :)

    That's freaking sweet, man!
  15. SEASON 4!!!!!!!

    https://rocketleaguegame.com/news/competitive-season-4-update-and-season-3-rewards/ It's coming!!!!!