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  1. What's your favorite word?

    "the" i use it so very often :o
  2. "SpacePineapple": Pineapples are not fruit
    "SpacePineapple": they are a lot of berries in a cluster

    @SpacePineapple Thanks! I learned something tonight!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheGamer777


      If we consider an atom to be like a berry, and a solid is made up of a cluster of atoms, then by extension, everything is a pineapple.

    3. SpacePineapple





      That's my tombstone quote

    4. PsmasterDaryan
  3. Introduction ^^

    Hello and welcome to the clan DI! You have been assigned to the DI-Community division. If you encounter troubles or haveing questions feel free to contect me or Jonse ! I am from Austria, Vienna. Your english is good enough, i can speak german (obviously) as well if you shouldn't understand something. Call me on TS or find me on the minecraft server =)
  4. Hello DI,

    Hello and welcome to DI, you have come to the right place! Many other Overwatch players around and me is present on the minecraft server, join it with mc.dmg-inc.com
  5. Presentation Dadriun

    bonjour! I hope you come back
  6. Hi my name is Nevbox

    Hello and welcome! I am quite sure we have many overwatch players here!
  7. Rick and morty s3 ep 10

    I still believe the "they meet the president (of earth)" is a trap, they so totaly gonna meet the morty president
  8. Favorite thing to do while in the shower

    Trying to avoid as much water as possible - I am made of sugar!
  9. Shand got a 3000 post anniversary jubilee and nobody gratulated him yet.

    Shame Shame on you!

    GZ Shand :like:

    1. PsmasterDaryan


      and a 4,000 profile views jubilee as well, wowiee

    2. RivalET


      Grats mr. Shank :D

    3. wetletus


      Congrats Shand

  10. Check out the DI minecraftserver hosted by @Nechtmarrie !  Tell me your wishes for the survival-server and we, me and you and some others can build your ideas together!

    Have fun and i think the Clubs are useless and should be removed.

    Clubs delenda est - PsmasterCato

  11. You are registered guest? what happened dom?

    1. KillerRex


      now i can take over the forums muahahaha

  12. ARC is still going on, who would have thought! Nice idea, but can't the tree just be felled easily and it all collapses? Beside that it looks cool!
  13. Is jenn gone? Cant send messages

    1. OverwatchTho


      Inbox is probably full and is on Elder status, probably why.

    2. Warfororks


      Can confirm, jenn's inbox is 202% full :/

    3. PsmasterDaryan


      Elder status only means she can come and go however she likes or does it also affect inbox? 

      Thought inbox empties itself automatically..

  14. Hi Necht, please read me message if you come online in the next days.. waiting for 3 days now to hear from you.. please hurry up! ;-)

    1. AFDragon


      Necht is on holiday atm. He will be back on sept 23rd/24th 

    2. PsmasterDaryan


      oh no, so long to wait

  15. Wanted to see this 23k view topic :D Nice guide for Civ, helped me quite a bit! (Could not find the hidden content links quickly, tho)