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  1. This sounds like alot of fun!!! o,o i wanna play.
  2. what i have been wanting to watch that again x.x lameeeeee
  3. Go home

    1. VadaShiloh


      I do what I want ♥

    2. BootyDukes


      yeah well that's stupid

    3. SiXtYnInE
  4. Just so everyone knows I will be on and off today, It is mine and my mother's birthday! I will do my best to keep up with messages and such but depending on how far we go I may not get back till tonight. 

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    2. TheGamer777


      You and your mom have the same birthday, that takes some serious planning.

    3. DJWombat


      Happy Birthday  :D

    4. TheHostileMexi


      HAPPY BDAY VADA UR MY FAVORITE MOD OR something i forget yalls roles lol

  5. ♥CONGRATS♥ (again)

    Have a safe trip

  6. I have an interview tomorrow! Wish me luck >.< I am so nervous

  7. Wolf childern Drifters Steins Gate Grave of the fireflies Overlord food wars(if you say not to this ill be very disappointed)
  8. Drifters! you have to get past the first eps but its really good
  9. Nana, I couldnt even finish it because I was always crying by the end x.x its a slow start but once it goes theres no stopping it. Also Clannad of course. Oh! wolf children!
  10. wasurenagumo
  11. Hey everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that I may not be on much this week, I will try to check the forums atleast twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. But I got called in for jury duty and I am a sloth so the lack of sleep will literally kill me x.x Also I have a friend from out of state that came in so I am spending some time with them. I am sorry for my slow replies, or forgetfulness this week.

    1. Jamie


      Hey @VadaShilohhope your jury duty goes well (get some more sleep and leave your computer and request away xd)

    2. VadaShiloh


      Oh I wish I could, But I have to much going on and a meeting this friday with TC lol. But thank you very much ♥

    3. BootyDukes


      Tell them you hate the Fuzz and that you're the victim's mother

  12. uhhhh, i didnt attend the board game event o.o

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    2. 13thShade


      :O idk

    3. BootyDukes


      That's my bad.

      FYI if you know about events that are mine (such as the regular weekly ones I do) message concerns to me since they are my events.

    4. VadaShiloh


      yea sorry about that let dukes know if you should have one or not, I can edit it as soon as he lets me know =)

  13. Happy Birthday Lovely!!!!!!

    1. SirHugster


      thank youuuuu!!