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  1. Change the colour opacity of the in-game X to 0%
  2. Yo it's me, PROTOz

    Welcome, congrats on being a new dad!
  3. Do you think a 1.5x spell-damage rune would be too op?
  4. um, hi?

    Don't mind me, just saying hi again
  5. Have I watched that anime!

    Naruto yes, not the absolute entirety, but without the filler. Makes me emotional thinking back at all the heartfelt fights. I have started it, I dropped it about a year ago for no reason. I just never got around to continuing it
  6. Have I watched that anime!

    Overlord I have watched, but only am reading Berserk. the anime 3-d is something I can't get into
  7. io can be a killer if you underestimate him early game
  8. I enjoy AA against Alchemist, Huskar, and Tinker
  9. Hi everybody

    Welcome to DI, hope you find everything welcoming and rewarding here!
  10. Regen rune is great, but there should be a rune that looks very similar that damages you
  11. My first ever hero I played was dragon knight in a pub, and I destroyed people, probably cause it was everyone else's first time as well. So he will always have a special place in my heart