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  1. I'm hungry now but can I get mine a little more....cooked :P
  2. Read this if you are looking to join:
  3. Witcher livestream event RSVP - Attending! Too early? :P
  4. @Xtreamthe creator of: Team Command Guide Division Command Guide Activity Manager Guide Gatekeeper Guide Initiate Manager Guide Should do it, DOTA is the game with the cars and the ball right? PS: Anyone spot the plug for my guides slipped in there?
  5. If you're getting that close you may as well use a brick, no point wasting good bullets :P
  6. I've seen it but doesn't answer why you prefer to fight naked people ;)
  7. Why are you trying to get people naked?
  8. Go on, we can use it as a DI promotional video ;)
  9. I'm sure I will be after I watch season 1 & 2 :P I really need to start watching this.
  10. Chuck Norris once urinated in a truck's fuel tank as a joke. That truck is now known as Optimus Prime.
  11. I'd much rather be beaten by a master than win over a noob.
  12. Who doesn't!!! The match was much closer than the scoreline shows............probably not but we can pretend ;)
  13. Yes, some interesting stuff planted: