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  1. Microtransactions in games?

    I never said make games free to play, I said use one payment system or the other. Yes because before micro transactions we had no way to measure player progression, I hope we don't go back to that dark era of gaming. As a system of player progression micro transactions are terrible. In game X I've unlocked everything, am I the player that spent all my time grinding through the game getting everything possible or did I buy it yesterday & purchase everything through micro transactions. It wasn't a statement it was an opinion, like 90% of posts on Forums.
  2. Microtransactions in games?

    I don't really mind micro transactions in certain games. I believe these should be cosmetic things like skins, player avatars etc... The games that I don't feel should have micro transactions are game you have to buy. You've paid for the game you shouldn't then have micro transactions on top of that. If you want micro transactions make the game free to play. There is enough money from micro transactions without charging to play as well. Having it free to play also opens the game up to a larger audience so makes more revenue possible from micro transactions. EDIT: I also hate the gambling micro transactions. Just let me pay for what I want instead of a chance at what I want.
  3. Stay indoors! Dunnes is closed today. x

    1. Xtream


      What a terrible day, I get sent home from work early to find internet was down.....Oh & there was a hurricane :P

    2. Nyx


      xD My net stayed up thankfully, all I had was a ghost town trying to find food. Ended up going to the chinese shop. 

    3. Xtream


      lol yeah everything was closed. It was weird driving on near empty roads.

  4. You're welcome. The least I can do is contribute with all the work you are putting into these!
  5. lol just realised I uploaded the wrong clip, will upload the right one this evening.
  6. Uploading a clip for you now, not amazing play but you seemed to be lacking content :P
  7. Heroes of Ananas Tournament

    Oh good luck, not that you'll need it!!!
  8. Maximum age?

    Ask her what is the maximum age required to be happy!!! Just because she isn't happy doesn't mean you can't be.....at any age.
  9. Totally gonna jack your sig when I have had more time as an officer


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    2. 13thShade


      @Xtream for me it's not about number of positions but total time served. That's why i have alot of respect for you ;)

      Also, my goal is Viking Crest, so only one position lol.

    3. TheLoneEagle


      O.o I forgot about those types of awards for a minute

      I want that Captain's coat of arms damn

    4. Xtream


      I have the HQ one already. 

  10. my signature broke because Leadership messed with it so now it made it so my gif cant be used


    so i hope you dont mind, but i totally copied your "former roles" thing on my signature :^)

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    2. Vegas


      @AlinaStarkova does an honor star sound good for a whole year of hard work in HQ :D ?

    3. Megafunny


      @Vegas You are your honor stars..... xd

    4. Megafunny


      I ment and not are