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  1. That's a shame.
  2. You can always overclock at a later date
  3. Look they even gave me shiny stuff!!! <-------- Shiny
  4. DI is generous with shiny stuff ;) We like to award any achievement in or out of game.
  5. Singing for people is hard so doing well is an achievement.
  6. The person voted best gets an award
  7. I believe an honor star is given to the winner of the event. I'd say she has a good chance :)
  8. Karaoke events are regular & good fun. You did great!!!!!
  9. Good to hear & glad to see you enjoying events already.
  10. ENCORE!! Welcome to DI, I hope you enjoy your time here!
  11. Looks impressive. Hope it arrives soon for you, I remember how eager I was for my PC. It was delayed by a day & I tried to collect it from the delivery company as depot was near me, they told me it was there but I couldn't collect it unless I had specified that when ordering. I wanted to kill them :P
  12. I'm hungry now but can I get mine a little more....cooked :P
  13. Read this if you are looking to join:
  14. Witcher livestream event RSVP - Attending! Too early? :P