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  1. Are you guys keeping it PC?

    i've been told quantity is the requirement :3
  2. Are you guys keeping it PC?

    Are you guys keeping it PC? Cuz if ya aint then ya aint cool with me bruh
  3. Check out cha's recent posts....

    OK Sky
  4. Lethality is ok

  5. If anyone needs tips let me know

  6. Favorite AR URF Champion

  7. rip no topics can be read gg my post counts 

    1. DrPhilandChill


      Come on cha you can't be hardstuck probation AND hardstuck silver 1

    2. Caroxia
  8. New keyboard

    Lol xD I got a corsair k70 and I'm loving the ripple effect whenever u type xD
  9. The Time Has Come

    No today we lost 2 og..........worst day in Di league of legends history.....
  10. Its Been A Blast!

    What!! The renekton god is leaving us?? Wtf is going to happen to us now. Rip. I maybe ugly but I'm the better twin btw ur gonna leave ur mentee hanging?@Caroxia
  11. so u cant view the calendar anymore?

    1. chathesilver


       found a way but now i cant tell when morning tea or clan event is happening. are they being taken away???