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  1. Steals pants, replies to all my stuff, doesn't follow me

    1. chathesilver


      I never stole ur pants!! I just took it when I had the chance xD 

  2. Banana 

    1. Boxy


      minions where where

  3. I tried maple syrup on steak o.o
  4. I'm working on my computer quietly and a tech guy was working remotely on a coworkers computer. She said to herself "how long r u going to connect in me" ..............yeeaaaa

  5. Lol soloq is also a joke I went 1-9 and got place b3 I needed b5 >.> BTW is it just me or the people ppl in rank r just horrible compare to norms.....
  6. What!! I hate u all >:[
  7. Breaking news!! 

    1. Razgriz


      Is this the 6 o'clock news at 9?

    2. chathesilver


      Ur have to find out after a message from our sponsor

    3. Razgriz


      That sounds dirty...

  8. Behold! A banana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Caroxia


      monkey banana -.- ... 

  9. May ur one mistake become viral on YouTube >.>
  10. As a support ur job is to bait the adc to get caught so u can take the kills I mean secure the kills
  11. Hi. Bye. No come back!! I'm just kidding!!!????

    1. ismokeythebear


      Fix your self

  12. My friend told me to use Uber to get around town. So I stole his car and started driving around town