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  1. just here... waiting on my Promotion to Senior..

  2. hey bud, might wanna reconsider your friday night weekly practices, The In-Houses that i set up about a week or so ago are going to be on friday nights at the same time your practices are set to start. I would love if you could be a part of those events as i am hoping it will bring out division closer!

  3. I really am enjoying the new skin, I think its the best Project skin out there. Project Ekko is pretty cool too!!
  4. lmao ive seen this. its hilarious
  5. thats a good amount of blue essence there bud
  6. Q scuttle crab. Ask @Cloafor tips on how to do this
  7. oh i was about to say chill homie lol. its only a 15 hour one. at least its not the 7 day like they like to give me XD
  8. League is a great game! Def give it a shot!
  9. Ask Cloa how to Q a Scuttle Crab, He will help you out!!
  10. Sounds awesome, Ill be checking them out!
  11. i used to play a lot of graves top before he got nerfed. the greatest thing is i could take 3 turrets and an inhibitor by myself, while their team maybe got 2 turrets. I'd solo split push graves and win games easily back then
  12. Hey guys, I'm no master at the game of LoL or anything, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of knowing every role in the game and have at least 2-3 Champions to play in each role. With the new season came the new dynamic queue, meaning you basically get 1 of 2 roles you choose. BEFORE it was basically a race as soon as you got into a lobby to call "MID or Feed". With that eliminated out of the system, I still feel that it is important to know every role, and here's why. If you want to climb out of Bronze like I did, you need to know how every role works. Learn the cooldowns on the most played champion's abilities; IE Blitz's pull, Thresh's Hook, so on and so forth. be efficient in these roles, so you know how to effectively counter them in game. The best way to learn these things is to play the champions. Knowing every role will also help in your game lobbies when someone asks, "hey, can i top?" and if you can switch with them, they are more than likely going to be in a better mood then if they stayed in their role. If you know you can do better in that certain lane, than its okay to just say no. That is basically it. If you guys have any other questions, let me know on here or you can hit me up in game at: iFatality Destroy the Rift!