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  1. Hey there daddio. Could you slide me that slick one star honor for climbing up two rank ladders (Bronze 3 -> Bronze 1) in less than two weeks? <3

    1. BootyDukes


      You're truly a dream <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. just here... waiting on my Promotion to Senior..

  3. hey bud, might wanna reconsider your friday night weekly practices, The In-Houses that i set up about a week or so ago are going to be on friday nights at the same time your practices are set to start. I would love if you could be a part of those events as i am hoping it will bring out division closer!

  4. I really am enjoying the new skin, I think its the best Project skin out there. Project Ekko is pretty cool too!!
  5. lmao ive seen this. its hilarious
  6. thats a good amount of blue essence there bud
  7. Q scuttle crab. Ask @Cloafor tips on how to do this
  8. oh i was about to say chill homie lol. its only a 15 hour one. at least its not the 7 day like they like to give me XD
  9. League is a great game! Def give it a shot!
  10. Ask Cloa how to Q a Scuttle Crab, He will help you out!!
  11. Sounds awesome, Ill be checking them out!
  12. i used to play a lot of graves top before he got nerfed. the greatest thing is i could take 3 turrets and an inhibitor by myself, while their team maybe got 2 turrets. I'd solo split push graves and win games easily back then