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  1. Thank you for accepting me back! I look forward to getting to know you and many others better than before.

  2. Hey there daddio. Could you slide me that slick one star honor for climbing up two rank ladders (Bronze 3 -> Bronze 1) in less than two weeks? <3

    1. BootyDukes


      You're truly a dream <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Hi was told to introduce myself to the officers :) hey im Kristopher aka Dallas - mainly play league but all ttime love for runescape = Ign for league is Nekobeats

  4. just here... waiting on my Promotion to Senior..

  5. hey bud, might wanna reconsider your friday night weekly practices, The In-Houses that i set up about a week or so ago are going to be on friday nights at the same time your practices are set to start. I would love if you could be a part of those events as i am hoping it will bring out division closer!

  6. I really am enjoying the new skin, I think its the best Project skin out there. Project Ekko is pretty cool too!!
  7. Naked Grandma

    lmao ive seen this. its hilarious
  8. thats a good amount of blue essence there bud
  9. Q scuttle crab. Ask @Cloafor tips on how to do this
  10. oh i was about to say chill homie lol. its only a 15 hour one. at least its not the 7 day like they like to give me XD
  11. League is a great game! Def give it a shot!
  12. Ask Cloa how to Q a Scuttle Crab, He will help you out!!