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  1. To Win A Gamer's Heart

  2. Free Steam Key - International Snooker

    Not true, it is kinda hard to be a 5000$ decoy
  3. Free Steam Key - International Snooker

    why are you so fast
  4. it is, but it havent dated that well ;)
  5. PGL Playoff prediction

    My Predictions heuheuheu Gambit Vs Fnatic: Gambit really stepped up this major so i would pick them SK Vs Astralis: Either 2:1 to astralis or 2:0 for SK BIG Vs Immortals: Could just make a veto for you now: Immortals Remove Nuke and Big removes Mirage, Immortals pick Cobblestone and BIG picks Inferno "only map they can play xd" Immotals removes Overpass and BIG removes Cache, Leaves Train left. VirtusPro Vs North, Lets see the same maps, but this time dont choke North ;)
  6. Free Steam Key - Showtime!

    i dont understand... how do i get the steam key?
  7. What's our emblem?

    some mythical ancient beast
  8. 4:3 or 16:9

    16:9 4:3 just wanna make me vomit
  9. (Take this post with a grain of salt) A new operation has just been released! (like 10 hours ago) and as you know, that means new skins, maps and even new "unique" gamemodes! Lets start off with the skins included in this operation. (Each skin has a kinda industrial/culture theme) https://csgostash.com/case/208/Operation-Hydra-Case My personal favorite is the new M4A4 and my least favorite is the MAC10 aloha. Now for the maps Austria: Made by Radix and Theme of the map is in the alps after snowfall Lite: Made by ted and Theme of the map is in an Oil Refinery Shipped: Made by catfood and Theme of the map is well... on a ship Thrill: Made by Yanzl, Bubkez and squad and Theme of the map is in a Theme park in ze germany Agency: Made by Puddy and rck and Theme of the map is in a High Tower Black Gold: Made by (too many names to be bothered) Theme of the map is on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean Last but not least Insertion: Made by Oskmos and Theme of the map is in the forest where 4 hostages have been taken and the CTs have to save them New gamemodes! Stab, Stab Zap! Is a gamemode where you can only use the zeus and the knife. You'll win by having the highest score Heavy Assault Suit Is a 5v5 casual gamemode where everyone gets a juggernaut suit. You'll win by having the highest score Headshots only is self explained by the gamemode name. You'll win by having the highest score Hunters-Gatherers is a game mode similiar to Kill Confirmed where you collect dogtags to win the game. You'll win by having the highest score The Flying Scoutsman is a game about well... very low gravity highly accurate flying scoutsman. You'll win by having the highest score Last gamemode is Trigger Discipline where if you miss a bullet, you lose health. You'll win by having the highest score That is all the information i know and is all the things i have tried from it, GLHF
  10. What was your first rank in CS GO?

    silver 1 in 2013 :P
  11. Event Suggestions (OUTDATED)

    i like hide n zeik... my favorite event (some people will understand)
  12. People are shitting on my Steam profile

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021718599/ the message in my desc is russian and i will recommend it to everyone (please translate it before use)
  13. Sorry to bring the news Azusa but... It was only a stradegy discussion
  14. Anyone else watching the IEM Sydney?

    Tbh, i rooted for australis....