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  1. Hi Duncan..I thought i'd message you as I haven't been able to before (through work) my name is Lee and I believe you are my team leader...

  2. i appreciate that. i am only human, but i do my best.
  3. @AlinaStarkovawell said. personally i have been very busy irl for the latter part of May. but everyone that knows me knows they do get their tokens. also, as you said if a week has passed poking the officers in teamspeak may help.
  4. Do me trade? nope. Me go face? YEP!!
  5. You're welcome
  6. you know that place between asleep and awake

    1. Boxy



    2. Risky


      the underworld?

    3. Telfer


      Never-Never Land?

  7. Hey @luxegamerWelcome to DI. i saw you hanging out with @AlwaysSlayinand @Nobundoearlier. hope to meet you on teamspeak later
  8. lol
  9. 10-12 hours hours per day
  10. Welcome to DI Wenzer!
  11. never lucky
  12. aw it was easy, i just used a generic mage deck with mostly basic cards even though i've got plenty of the cards. i just wanted to see how easy people were saying it was :P .
  13. pokemon emerald marathon speed run just started. wooo!
  14. aw yeah thanks for the link @Nechtmarriemaking life easy ;)