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  1. Someone went past 150 posts =P finally

    1. AlwaysSlayin


      I'm closing in on 2500 XD

    2. Duncan


      yea i had fun last night.

  2. 10-12 hours hours per day
  3. Welcome to DI Wenzer!
  4. never lucky
  5. aw it was easy, i just used a generic mage deck with mostly basic cards even though i've got plenty of the cards. i just wanted to see how easy people were saying it was :P .
  6. pokemon emerald marathon speed run just started. wooo!
  7. aw yeah thanks for the link @Nechtmarriemaking life easy ;)
  8. get ME2 for free on Origin while their promotion lasts. it's just a ploy to build a fan base for ME4 coming out. however, since i haven't played any of them i got ME2 for free and i'm gonna see if i can get ME1 for free as well. ah playing games that are f2p. you gotta love it <3
  9. GDQ 2017 just kicked off! https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick does anyone else here watch these guys?
  10. Hey in case you haven't heard this week's tavern brawl is pretty cool as it features the "Dark Wanderer". Plus, you can get a cool cardback. For those who have tried it. What deck have you found to be the best in this brawl?
  11. So I was watching Angry Joe the other day. From his video I learned something i never thought possible. Has anyone else heard about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgKzF0zMepw&t=53m17s THE NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES ARE 00000000 !?! Granted this was during the cold war so we hope that's not the code anymore. Also, in addition to the code 2 keys were needed to be turned simultaneously to launch the nukes. BUT STILL the LAUNCH CODES for the NUKES DURING THE COLD WAR ARE 00000000 !?! WHAT ??? I shudder to think how lackadaisical our NA security could be! I pray to God it's just a little more secure than that, though I wonder in 50 years what people will be saying about our security these days. God Bless America For the homeland let's make it great again haHAA CRINGE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_W_xLWtNa0 PS I haven't watched the whole thing. However, at 29:09 there's another entertaining part where you can learn things you may not know about the new guy. For instance he's never had drink! I was surprised. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgKzF0zMepw&t=29m9s
  12. Hi, Welcome to the Knight Razer Research Guide. At the moment this guide outlines the essential research for knight razing once you are Rank (16). I might update this part or add more later. Let's get started! High Priority Captains - Max Logistics - Max Tactics - Max Command - Max Medium Priority Pike - Max Longbow - Max Banqueting - Max Merchant Guilds - Max Transportation - Max Literature - Max Housing Capacity - Max Theology - Max Eucharist - 1 (to self-Interdict) Ordination - 1 (need that monk to self-ID after launching a raze) Low Priority Extreme Unction - 2-3 (so you can ex-com your target if needed) Armour Capacity - Max Engineering Capacity - Max Scouts - Max Horsemanship - Max Fortification - Max Defences - Max The list goes on and on based on your ever-changing needs. Note: I had a great supporting faction in-game called DI :) . So whenever I needed weapons or banqueting goods i just hollered. Remember the KR's role is to generate gold, villagers and honor to do the razes. If you don't have enough honour or weapons you'll have to start researching those and maybe shuffle your research priority a little bit. The supplies, monking, and even fighting in terms of breaking open the castles for your razes will hopefully be done by your awesome friends until you can do it all ;) . Thanks DI! Here are some other guides you might want to check out if this isn't your bag baby:
  13. Hey, just wanted to post this in case y'all haven't seen it yet ;)
  14. Hi all, My name's Duncan. I just wanted to introduce myself. Most of the time you'll find me in DI-II playing SHK (IW) with the rest of my crew. Every now and then I'll play Hearthstone, Minecraft, or even Guild Wars 2. If I had to say one thing interesting about myself I would say it's that I live on an island that people come to for a vacation :) : The Cayman Islands. You can look up the "Seven Mile Beach" where I usually go for my regular swims and exercise. I hope I haven't made you all too jeally :P Cheers!
  15. Hey sandbacon nice to meet you.