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  1. If someone posted his vacation/absence post in the middle of that forum breakdown please write to me and i can set you away after making post at that section

  2. IGN means In-Game Name my friend :) And yup IbnBattuta is your IGN so no worries :) I offer help
  3. Yea i'm already do that and i will start to invite you :) @IbnBattutais gonna be venture leader so you can also contact with him if you want but i'm here to help too :). I will invite you
  4. Something like team which is larger and larger and can transform into division after meeting some requirements. You will have chance to play with people from EU here and meet them :) If you want i can make you part of that venture after we'll start soon
  5. Hi there :) Do you want to make EU venture of Lol - we are gathering people and soon we will start this :)
  6. Just be part of our venture so be with us. Just agree - nothing else for now :)
  7. @IbnBattutaare you still interested in making a venture of EU LoL players? I would like to make you leader of that venture if this is not a problem :) @firenicknland @Tribal can you be part of our idea aswell? Time here is the main problem so i'd be in heaven if you could respond ASAP and even agree :) . Every EU player counts
  8. @Cloa Thank you and thank you @Worstnightmarefor your respond. We can do this :)
  9. Hello my dear friends from DI-VI and all DI (if you read it :) ). I'm the EU player who is very interested in playing serious with friends. DI-VI is mainly american division so we have different timezones and we can't play together cause of high ms which is very bad if you are playing on higher levels. But there is a light in a tunnel... I was talking with someone and there is possible to make a venture of EU league of legends! It would be nice and if you need a support i can offer myself when there won't be noone to take that place. I need your help for that. Please post your nicknames on that post so i can count on you! Feel free to ask me in PMs about that. I will also make our recrutation of EU players more serious. Remember - everyone counts and everyone is a big part of a glorious idea. Please help :)
  10. What EU Server are you on?

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    2. Cerber42


      Youre going away for how long?

    3. Cerber42


      nvm i have the info

    4. Boxy


      EUNE for the win

  11. Going skiing :) If you want some pictures, just ask. I think this is gonna be a nice trip

    1. AlwaysSlayin


      Have fun dude! 

  12. Why delete the status? ;-; i was about to post this:


  13. Got so much anime memes and gifs from the heaven. Don't know what to do with them. I'm free for further sharing :D

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    2. Azusa
    3. Szadus


      You will see tomorrow mate ;)

    4. Targaryen


      oh , good, i left in time :d