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  1. 5 mango orb of veno ogre magi is immortal
  2. Its over guys, the TS had a good run while it lasted guess its time to switch to Discord XD

  3. Go on PC part picker you can build your own rig there and you pick out every part. They give you the best prices on the market , Amazon, Newegg, Fry's. Here is my build planned for the end of July.
  4. h_1497139780_7891229_ca4d827fcc.png

    1. AngryDog


      Lmao I send the Peruvians to the Weenie Hut Jr.

  5. If I had the money the Razer blade looks incredible and slick.
  6. I haven't played much ranked matches so I don't know if it's only for that queue or if it's for all of the modes
  7. I have a roccat xtd and it's pretty good. It's RGB and it goes up to 8000 dpi. I believe that the dpi is very important in fps because it's tough to find the perfect sensitivity.
  8. Pepsi and Jack?
  9. You've been using me the whole time. Just for my gold.
  10. But.....I thought we were friends
  11. Damn gamer I didn't know you lost that bad.
  12. What if I'm just going for building muscle. Should I shoot for lifting weights and cardio?
  13. I guess I need some more practice with the heroes
  14. You just need to attend some of our events so you can get used to how things work around here.
  15. I never really bought bracers on a strength hero to make up for a null tally or wraith band. If I play carry I would just focus on rushing some item that would speed up my farming like echo sabre or yasha. Don't know many strength heroes I would start off with getting a bracers.