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  1. Welcome, Soulex(?) Fantastic intro! Thanks for joining, I hope you enjoy our community! :)
  2. What is happening with your profile picture? I am both repulsed and intrigued.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Clones231


      @Frostyone v one me mate

      @Merfget @Sairaneto tell u the mighty story

    3. Frosty


      @Clones231 okay.. let @Merf decide

    4. Merf


      A mystery it shall remain! :)

  3. Jacks DI Sig Joint

  4. Thank you for the Award

    1. Merf


      Thank you for attending! Hope you enjoyed it :)

  5. I'm excited to be hosting the SUPERWEEKEND - Poker Event after Morning Tea. Everyone is welcome, hope to see you there!

    Register to play for free here: http://www.bluffave.com/di

    RSVP here: 



    1. SiXtYnInE


      Excited to play with you Merf! :)

    2. Blackbird


      Strip poker? ;D

  6. Song of the Day

    I karaoke this all the time. My song of the day, been listening to it awhile but it's stuck.
  7. Super Weekend is this weekend folks! RSVP for casual gaming events here:


  8. Prettiest guys in the game?

    Reggie Watts. Funny and adorable. Winning combo.
  9. So i have a garden now....

    It's about temperature, when a frost or freeze occurs in that particular zone.
  10. So i have a garden now....

    I've had experience growing useful shit in the past, but I don't know what to plant and when in your area. It depends on what hardiness zone you live in. For example, here is a planting schedule for Zone 8
  11. Merchants. Exchange your crappy cards for card points . Buy x4 merchant speed and x3 capacity with those points. Make sure you have a token running so you can see the market value of each thing, and can at least sell to within your province. Buy low, sell high. Otherwise, it's just slowly selling stuff to your own parish until you have the gold for a charter.
  12. Funny idea :D

    Motion denied
  13. I propose a posting event on GJ profile page. 

    1. Warfororks


      Long live our Supreme Leader!

    2. Razgriz


      Live fast, die la--- ok where's my coffee? How am I expected to lead without my coffee?

    3. TheGamer777


      I propose an event where everyone gives Gamer money, doesn't mean its gonna happen...

  14. Look what I just found :D. I was searching names of some DI members on google.


    1. Merf



      Middle East Reformed Fellowship

      Medical Emergency Response Facility

      Medical Education and Research Foundation (for the Treatment of Addiction)

      Meatball Eggplant Ravioli Fettucini

      Marmoset Elephant Racoon Ferret


      (It's what my dog says when he's being vocal)



    2. Sicario


      lol....i will kidnap that talking dog