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  1. Welcome back!

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    2. AnimaLibera


      So far, yes ^^, and i hope i'll hear you and your ukelele at a karaoke again someday :)

    3. Falx


      Sneeeeeeek I miss you :< when you back for real? 

    4. Snek


      No telling. At least 3 months, maybe more. Feel free to keep in touch!

  2. Eyyy Welcome Back Buddy :D Looking forward to seeing you again on TS

  3. welcome back dude

  4. Farewell, Solenya

  5. Song of the Day

  6. Upper case or lower case? Hmmm tough choice.
  7. I've been told to contact you and your also my Division leader too 

    1. Snek


      Welcome! I hope you have a great time here and with the PUBG bunch :)

  8. My Dogs ^_^

  9. Song of the Day

  10. 4906eb6340dca2cce39afe8214c98bc4.jpg

    ::thinking emoji::

    1. NotAntarctican


      Ahahaa , oh god

  11. Hi Snek thx for the nice warming invite to this guild. My real name is Wernand Hoefsloot, bord in the Netherlands in Ede. I like gaming played World of Warcraft now for almost 12 years but was super bored with it. The whole community feeling is damaged it's now more a solo mmo, so i thought its time for a new game. After looking here and there I found this game black desert graphics where good and the special effects are cool. It's an overwhelming game though. So I hope that I get some help from guild members to show me the way into this game. And maybe I grow to a good wizard the class of my choice. I play most of the time in the morning and afternoon but can also play in the evening if required.

    But the most important thing, I want to make new online friends.


    And thx for invite into this guild


    1. Bolleboss


      Type fault: bord in the Netherlands must be: born in the Netherlands.

      Forget some info:

      I am 47 years old and have 2 nice children Raimondo (21 years old) and Kimberly (19 years old)

    2. 13thShade


      Jsyk this is a statua update not a PM lol. PMs are in the top right hand corner.

  12. Jacks DI Sig Joint

    Both very valid hypotheses
  13. Jacks DI Sig Joint

    It's a medical marvel to be honest.
  14. Jacks DI Sig Joint

    You're both wrong. Everyone knows that @GreatJackals true talent lies in his ability to draw with his eyebrows. But @Nomkeeps shaving them off in his sleep for some reason. He doesn't draw on normal paper, he uses homemade papyrus.
  15. :wowdoge:

    1. Aralornx


      its slow motion cuteness!