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  1. Glad you all like the cuteness alert! :) Gotta love furbabies!
  2. So a work mate of mine had a roommate who brought this kitten home one night. Well this roommate of his moved out and she left the kitten in his house and never came back for it. He said he was going to take it to the pound. My boyfriend said absolutely not Im taking the kitten. I said absolutely not we already have 2 cats and a dog. Well you can see that I lost this battle because this little bundle of non stop energy entered my house 2 weeks ago and never left. Oh ya and I have no bottom half a christmas tree anymore as she keeps jumping in it and destroying it, I dare not take a picture of that, its pathetic looking lol
  3. Dude I'm in on this! I seek me one of jackals famous siggys, plz oh plz. something purple and blue, with my name and community ty good sir. I'm feeling christmas presents coming soon
  4. Thats a warring clan for runescape OMG and Oergg is still around, that guy lmao
  5. Perks of being full member + :) You'll get it soon
  6. Welcome to DI forums! I love that game name btw, very funny and unique. I'm used to to solo game clans and this was my first multigame clan and it's been an awesome experience, hope you enjoy it here!
  7. Im still using the DI theme one, I love it! A neat early christmas present would be a horde WoW theme ;P I wish I knew how to make TS themes, I make signatures in photoshop but never learned themes :(
  8. Glad to have you with us Stefan (I like that name btw, always been one of my favorites). Unfortunately I don't play any of those games you have listed as I am a World of Warcraft player but I'm sure we will get to chat around on TS at some point. Hope you enjoy it here!
  9. Welcome to DI, hope you enjoy it here!