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  1. what anime are you watching right now?

    still am wtf :C
  2. Should we get our own MUSIC SUBFORUM IN HERE?

    A poll was done to determine the anime subforum :o
  3. Pinapple on a pizza??

    HEY, THAT STAYS in 2016
  4. Pinapple on a pizza??

    What about it
  5. Pinapple on a pizza??

    Me as I read this thread
  6. Twitch CHannel

    I'll pm you c:
  7. i like definitely not udyr bc it's adorable as fck
  8. Twitch CHannel

    Was thinking of twitch panels
  9. Twitch CHannel

    Do you do commissions?
  10. Twitch CHannel

    That looks so good omfg
  11. Twitch CHannel

    Do you have any examples or a sketch?