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  1. Jip this happens to me all the time so i only wear heels like once in a while
  2. May you Trip over your feet ever time you walk in heels
  3. JAM TBD Dota scrub Vs @LukeSkyFAKERa pro 3.8K Dota player tonight at 5:16 pm SAST. 

    I am going to hopeful with luck and a lot of praying I will make it past 2min 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jam


      hahah Ok @Boxy after that we can go around if you wanna take me on hahha 

    3. Monster


      ok.. if everyone wanna take on jam... jam lets have a support war.......  we both will pick supports and try to kill each other

    4. Jam


      hahah ok @Monster :P Your on 

  4. maybe but if we wanna be specified then you know we need to make it more detailed. also what about amphibian they still class as animals just because they are no a dog they are still part of the animal kingdom including insects
  5. also, 100 is just the tip of the iceberg there are way more animals than that in the world are we counting insects and things like that also or just mammals? another thing do we take species like dogs or do we need to name breeds? for example just dog or toypom?
  6. hippo, snow leopard, wolverine I think can do all 100 on my own haha without google
  7. Can I vote for both as I don't know either
  8. I almost never like remakes :/ Can't even think of one haha
  9. I love this
  10. gamer with the comebacks always enjoy reading your work and also welcome to the club @XtreamI sometimes feel like I don't know what I am playing Also I think if a guide about this must be made it should be me 500 + hours and I still don't understand this game.
  11. Need some help with something on the forums, if anyone is good with this or knows how it works please HELP. Thanx 

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    2. Taka


      That's a nice song, listen to it and you'll understand 


    3. Jam


      I will listen tonight when I get home. 

    4. Last


      Sadly I am clueless as you.

  12. @GreatJackali hope i am on this list 2 wanted one from you since i joined :)
  13. I thought you didn't like ugly animals...seeing ur profile makes me think otherwise :emotired:

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    2. Snek
    3. SolarWings


      You were way too cruel to the donkey then :emocrybaby:

    4. Jam


      That donkey on Dota is an ass :emotired:

  14. Hi there my lil sister, miss you like crazy!!!!!!