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  1. Its Been A Blast!

  2. The Time Has Come

  3. The downside of starting raptors is I will resent you for making me leash you.
  4. You should be a fucking lawyer.

    1. AustinNTK


      AYE LMAO WHYS THAT XDDDD I already know I just wanna hear you


  5. Hey Guys

    Holy shit I'm fuckin' dead.
  6. Got death threats earlier today because I wouldn't trade mid for ADC.
  7. No it's not. Riot has stated that it's only runes you bought since May this year.
  8. I was in his town for some antique show thing and I messaged him on FaceBook to come at least meet up so I could say I KNOW YOU IRL.
  9. The new champ

    He's talking about Zed not having an ult against Kayn because Kayn's is similar to Zed's only well... Better. And it makes Kayn untargetable for pretty much the whole duration of Zed's mark.
  10. RIP Team Legend

    *wipes tear* :')
  11. RIP Team Legend

    Stress. A bunch of people quit and I didn't have the mental capacity to rebuild. Still don't.
  12. Almost got a game with Doublelift

    I would kill you if you did this.