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  1. Haha no the vid where he one shots an alch and the other vid where gamer fountain dives a wraith king and dies immediately.
  2. Pinapple on a pizza??

    Hey I'm not the one who adorns my pizza with the opulent wealth of the white truffle.
  3. I'll get Tyrant to post some of his stuff here. It's pretty lulzy
  4. Pinapple on a pizza??

  5. A cat picture a day keeps the doctor away

    Never dry cleaned Never pressed Never folded Always dressed Tuxedo Cats
  6. Games to look forward to in 2017

    There's only two games that I'm hyped for this year so far
  7. The American Way

    Just remember that in America, when you see a sign that says "GUN FREE ZONE", that means that there are, in fact, a shit load of guns in the area.
  8. DARPA Strikes again.

    They'll never see it coming.
  9. Any Good?

    I dunno if I could pick just one, they all look pretty good.
  10. Finally hit that steam level!

    You bought something for 100 euro? That's like 250 Canadian dollars
  11. Pinapple on a pizza??

    Ironically I like pineapple on pizza and I like olives too, but I hate black olives. I only like green olives on a pizza.
  12. Oh ok Phew, i'm not crazy haha.
  13. Pinapple on a pizza??

    It gets bad for me when I eat Ice cream. I guess there's different levels of severity. Or possibly you could be allergic to lactose rather than simply being intolerant of it.
  14. Super Bowl 51 Predictions

    They shit the bed in the last quarter.
  15. How many cups of coffee a day?

    I smoke cigarettes and do drugs