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  1. Hi Jenn :)

    Happy to see your name pop up. Hows it going? I missed you 

    1. JennOfTroy


      hi Cerber42,

      Just having a quick look to see how things are going. Glad to see you are doing well

  2. I like how the Home forum page states that the Commander of XI is Cerberus. Anyone knows that guy?:emowut:

    1. DrPhilandChill


      I'd guess he's the commander of XI but could be wrong

    2. Cerber42


      Indeed that would be the logical answer but last time I checked Cerberus was a registered guest. I wonder what happened?

    3. TheGamer777


      I would join a league division if it was being commanded by a three-headed hellhound no questions asked.

  3. Grats!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cerber42


      aww man just got so hard a nostalgic flash-back

    3. AFDragon


      good ol times Cerber engaging with Gamer and Enna in every topic and Dragon coming in here and then

      Best of luck Cerber 

    4. Cerber42



      thanks Dragon

  4. Looking to make a TF2 event. Any officers interested to host for me?

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    2. Tribal


      yeah its fine

    3. BDSally


      I cant do it that day sorry, will be moving into uni

    4. XialonVIII


      Has someone done it, sorry I was off for a while...


  5. I feel like shit right now...

    I recieved the worst birthday present of my life...

    my gf and my best friend that were once best friends basically ended theit friendship the other day, after weeks of fighting. Ive been sruck in the middle the whole time and been trying to comfort my gf and try to support my friend even though i know he is the one who's wrong. I did things I had to and hard choices and now I recieved some shit for it. My best friend just told me he needed a break from me after he... well no matter what he said, but yeah... 

    How do you deal with that? How do you deal with abandon after you've eaten shit and did your best for a month and a half? Normally im good with emotions but that, i cant handle it. How?

    1. Zezette


      Hey, you can talk to me privately about the specifics. Some things are worth ending a friendship over, other problems just take some temporary SPACE to get past. Your two friends could need space for up to a year before they make up.

      If you don't want to talk about it, there's always r/relationships on reddit to remain anon with a throw-away. If your having trouble supporting your friends through their quarrel, set boundaries for them to not talk shit about the other person around you. If they need to vent about the situation, it doesn't have to be with you as it will strain your relationship with them. Instead, ask them to vent to people who are not involved.

  6. Today is my 18 years old Birthday. It's crazy how time flies right? When I joined DI I was 16. I feel like its been so far away now XD. Anyways, tomorrow I'm celebrating by going out with my boys at a Candibar. Although I do not intend do get drunk off my ass ;)

  7. Your life is a book what is the title?

    Well, i mean like its drastic. One day I'm single, the next im in a really passionate relationship. one day everything is fine, the next my best friend is having an emotiomal breakdown. etc. 😂
  8. Your life is a book what is the title?

    Mine would probably be: What the shit is gonna happen next is the series title Child: Sky is the limit Teen: WTF IS HAPPENING Now: One step at a time cause my life is pretty much that. I can never know whats gonna happen tomorrow cause everything is always changing
  9. Why in hell are you allowed to keep your first honor oath? 😂 

    They took away mine!

    1. MMM


      they probably didn't realise i had it.

      and now they will see this and they will know xD

    2. Cerber42



      i just doomed ya didnt i

  10. Where da fuk did Buffs and Dom go?

  11. Lost 3 hours of gameplay last night cause i lost my save file...:emocrybaby:

  12. Skyrim Theme Misheard

  13. NANI!?!?

    Me too 😂