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  1. bottle is still good on mids because most of the time it's all u need to sustain even if it doesn't provide as much as it used. The reason for this is because 1. There are now more runes on the map. If you use your time efficiently you can wave clear a lane go pickup rune from river farm a jungle camp, pickup bounty rune and go back to lane. With all those runes combined it allows for enough sustain to farm more efficiently since for most mids Mana in early game is proportional to farm speed. 2. You can save runes for later and use them when an opportunity arises. This allows u to use the rune at it max potential. 3. It allows u to regen faster in fountain. I never sell my bottle i throw it in the fountain and pickit up and swap with my inventory item so i can regen in fountain. If you have fast hands u can save a slot + get extra fast fountain regen. This is especially usefull for mids in late game with large mana pools, Heroes like tinker,storm,zeus,lina,Ember all benefit from this. 4. You dont need to buy clarities and salves even if the enemy has better rune control because you can always bottle crow. Overall if you are using all of these 4 points than Bottle more than makes up for it's gold-Cost. Just using point 1 gives u 100% cost efficiency. and if u use all 4 points ur probably doing like 2-3x the cost of a 650 gold item. So yes my anwser is it's still worth it.
  2. i am posting on behalf of a friend and he wants MK arcana. HE HAS JUG ARCANA. i can send his inventory link and shit if u want and u can talk to him directly for all i care
  3. Fuck u Retard i traded ur whole inventory and that's what ur gonna say now?
  4. i'm making a Luminous on Bera

  5. The Real Mother of Dragons

    Lead Witch: Taylor Ann Macey
  6. The Real Mother of Dragons

    is it cause it's about some Wild West dudes burning japanese witches? :O
  7. 4k Dota 2. and i don't even call myself addicted.
  8. you can rip me now

  9. To The Valve Employee Reading You made a typo in the tooltip_hero_stats_help_attributes file. The HeaderText label text entry reads "#DOTA_HeroStats_Castegory_Attributes" .. Pretty sure that needs to be 'Category' and not 'Castegory' RIPRIPRIPRIPRIPRIPRIRPRIP Oh and this is gonna be my first frostivus i feelbad for some reason.
  10. That only works at Trash MMR. VS any decent opponent. as soon as laning begins they will realise Jungle LC(Or maybe even during drafting). And then they will just smoke gank the fuck out of her. Junglers are usually food for enemy if enemy is half decent.
  11. Ok there's an event in 1 hour 30 minutes. A coaching event by @ImAKitteh He's a pro coach so maybe check that out. Although his coaching may not be suitable to complete newcomers.
  12. @SoulStarer @Zilvinas2 @JBBONG15 @Jonse @Nesii