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  1. Picking Phase. When to pick Disruptor The important reasons 1. You own that ultra rare set. 2. Someone rekt u with disruptor in the last game. The less important reasons. 1. Disruptor is one of the most balanced supports. He is average in lane as a babysitter. A decent ganker and great teamfighter and he can also play as a pseudo defensive support and save allies. but he specialises at generally disabling and limiting the opponents mobility. Plus he is one of the few supports in the game that can partially bypass BKBs (with his aghs). What i'm trying to get at is one of the biggest reasons to pick disruptor is simply because he is such a good overall pick. Personally i classify him as a First Pick Support. One of those heroes that u can pick even if u don't have a solid draft in mind because you know he can fit into most drafts because he's so balanced. 2. Mobility disable based counter - He has 3 spells that can prevent slippery heroes from getting away. Glimpse field and storm. plus his first skill can give vision of the target. So it directly counters heroes like (Dark Seer, Ember Spirit(ult only),AntiMage,Slark,QoP,Weaver,stormspirit. ETC.) 3. Spell Disable based Counter - Just like any Aoe Silence spell hero Disruptor is rather good at disabling spell casters. He has a large duration damage dealing aoe silence which can also easily act as a setup or a follow-up. Heroes that may be countered are many example : (Invoker,Lina,Supports and most mids). 4. Anti-Kite - Glimpse and his 3rd skill can really help kite an enemy that has no lockdown. Common examples are Sven/Ursa/and many other melee heroes. Usually these heroes make bkb to prevent kiteablitiy but Disruptor is one of the few heroes can still kite them with his aghs. ONE THING TO KEEP IN MIND. 1. What he's not good against are Blink initiators Especially if they have massive teamfight ults. Like magnus/Earthshaker These guys can really rek him because he can't do anything about them. By the time he uses his ult they would have already blinked in and used their spells. Laning Stage - Items Usually you may be playing as a ward bitch so you can't really itemise much for the laning stage but if you ever get lucky and u have spare cash in the early game here's some items u can buy. 1. Extra Clarity - This is what i call the Shock spam build. You basically keep ur mana up and spam ur first spell do deal some constant harrass. TBH it's a very in-efficient build but at times it can result in a zoned oflfaner or even a dead one. The reason why i use this build is because disruptor doesn't really have a lot to offer in harras other than decent right clicks this is because he only has 1 dps spell and you shouldn't prioritise levelling that so u won't scale well in terms of harrassing the lane anyways. When your going for extra clairties it's usually a good idea to couple it with an extra point in ur first skill at the expense of ur glimpse/field. But remember there's no point in itemising like this if u can't harras. Example if the enemy has a Timber or bb u may never be able to harrass them and it's better to just back off. at other times there may be a solo sniper and u really don't need extra clairities to harrass him since he's so weak anyways. When you should go for this build is when u can't quite harras someone with right clicks alone. Example a PA with stout shield and blur. She's still squish so Ur first skill will still do a lot of dmg but not ur right clicks. Or if for example enemy has a sniper and a CM. there's a chance that they will kill you if you try to right click them. so it's safer to blast them with spells from afar. The 2nd build is a basic mobility build - we prioritise positioning to "Trap" enemies for a gank by having superior movement speed. Stuff like wind-lace and an early boot is very important here. this build would be the go to build because disruptor is essentially a ganker in the early game he's not a harrasser. But it has pre-requisite's there's no point in ganking if u don't have the DPS which disruptor doesn't. You need someone to deal dps while u trap the enemy. So u need a agressive carry/mid/offlane or a partner support who can do that for you. Plus ofcourse the enemy needs to be killable. Again tanky opponents like bristleback or Timber would be very hard to kill. If in the worst case scenario the enemy is too tanky to harrass and u have a weak ass team so that u can't really kill anyone in that case you can just rush on to your Early/mid game items or if your enemy is making life very hard for u guys which they probably will than you need to go into tangoes and salves just try to keep ur carry and urself alive and try to wait out that enemy's power spike. Laning Mechanics - Harassing Technique - When the offlaner comes to CS your carry should be near the wave. This is the perfect time for you and your carry to rekt him together. so you should use Static Field and trap him near ur carry then start hitting him and keep hitting him until he's out of XP range and near his own tower. At this point u can't follow him with A-clicks so just put up a Thunder Strike on him and back off. Ganking - First use the Static shock skill on your target since it gives vision of the enemy and then wait for the enemy to start running. Glimpse can travel back in time up to 4 seconds so u can actually wait 2-3 seconds before glimpsing either way u need ur teammates to get in position and than glimpse the person back far enough. You will see a blue ball where they are about to land and ring them there with ur 3rd skill. If needed use your ultimate for the icing on the cake. Now fun fact about glimpse it's range is abyssmal at lower levels. It's almost not possible to glimpse a runnning target before level 3. So I recommend that u come in front of the enemy. SO basically have ur carry start fighting the offlaner and he will start running. Your going to wrap around the offlaner and come in front of him and u will obviously be in range now and u can glimpse him at lvl 1. Most of the time u can't glimpse him if ur coming from behind him because remember u need him to run 2-3 seconds for a good enough glimpse. and if he runs for 2-3 seconds he will be out of Glimpse range. Because the longer the glimpse the more it takes time for the enemy to get back and u need that extra time to set up your static field. So basically u need the enemy to run for 2-3 seconds so make ur offlaner make him run and u wait at the end of the road and he's gonna come and run to you and than you can glimpse him back and ring him. Correct way to use static storm -> Static storm has a longer duration than the field so it's a Greedy/Good idea to use static storm first and let it stay there for a couple of seconds while the enemy is panicking and as he starts to run u can ring him. But if he's got half a brain he will run immediately and it will be hard for u to ring him so it's always safer to ring first. Other technique is to have someone setup for 1-2 seconds and static storm follow by a ring when the stun/root is about to run out. Always remember to setup a Static Field trap when your team is retreating to slow down the enemy pursuers or just glimpse one of them back make sure he has run 2-3 seconds atleast. Early game items - Follow the path of all supports. Itemise for what your team needs or what ur hero needs. Itemising for the most part isn't specific for a hero. So get euls if you need a purge. Get force/glimmer for survivability and mek for pushing/fighting. Overall one point to note on disruptor at times u might consider a blink. This is when the enemy has blink initiations or silences. and u need to shut them off before they shut you off. Example a silencer/earthshaker/magnus etc. basically with a blink disruptor can become a crude initiator. The other unique item is aghs scepter whenever you have a team that has great setup you can go aghs because it increses the duration of your ult. So if you cankeep the enemy in one place for a long time than you can also have them eat a epic static storm for a longer duration with your ULT. But the real reason to buy aghs on disruptor is to shut off bkbs you should start making them if the enemy has heroes that will build into BKB. Example : Phantom Assassin/Troll/Sven/Most carries tbh. Mini-Tips on Disruptor -> you can cancel channels with glimpses. If the enemy has really good channeled spells (WitchDoctor/CM) i usually reserve my glimpse for them during teamfights. You can also use glimpses to cancel Teleports or send people back after they teleport. This is great in TP Responses when you are ratting and you wanna send the enemy back to weaken their defense or in counter Gank TPs. Just keep in mind if it's just 1 tp and ur team is there it might be a good idea to not glimpse them and just kill them off. One other thing on glimpse if somehas super high mobility a glimpse will send them to the other side of the map cuz they would have covered so much ground in 4 seconds. Tip 2 static storms - In teamfights before the fight starts and the enemy has blink initiators it's a good idea to use storm before static field because storm is instant cast and if you're lucky you might silence them before they use their spells. Storm has a hidden range it's larger than it looks physically on the screen. Tip 3 - Ring has a delay before it's setup keep this in mind if you're using it predict where the enemy is going to be after the delay and use field according. Enemies cannot force out of the ring. They can ofcourse blink out of it or use Manta style at it's edge and there's a 50% chance that u will be out of the ring since manta changes ur original position. Ring also gives ground vision so it's good for checking cliffs for wards etc. Tip 4 - Thunder Strike - IT's a small aoe dps. U can use it to farm waves. It also gives vision of the enemy but no ground vision u should always thunder strike first so u can have vision of the enemy even if they blink/run away so u can glimpse them after wards. a good tip. in the mid-late game disruptor can easily jungle with thunderstrike and a clicks. if u use thunder strike on a small creep in jungles at when it's maxxed the small creep will definitely die. Well that's all i can tell you about disruptor the reason i haven't gone too deep into skill builds and how his spells work and item builds is because you can get them from anywhere on the internet but the info i have written down you will have to hunt for.
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  7. i have no idea what a clutch hook is LMAO. I pick pudge like once per 2 months or something LOL. As for the cam thing it's pretty much like u said sometimes i move it sometimes not. Thing with moving the camera is it's a habit. I try to do it but unless you keep remembering that you have to do it you won't and u won't be able to make it into a habit. ATM it's like 20% there still working on making it a habit xD.
  8. But they aren't infinite :(
  9. When I feed a lot I just sniff the white powder on my bench. 1 death = 1 sniff. It really helps increase my skill :p
  10. WTF Venge is one of the best supports in the game. You can even carry with it if you feel like it :S
  11. Drafts are important but not as important in 1k Games as your "Core-mechanics". Dota gives you the options to adapt during the match you need to make sure you choose the right options and counter the enemies strategy even if you couldn't do it in the draft. If you feel like your team being hunted by heroes like BS and Clinkz is the problem think of a solution to it now before entering your next game so you can use that solution then. I'd say it depends on what is available to you but here's a few options. If that teammate of your's like sniper is a good player 1 option is to keep him alive. If you have the option try to support him either with Survivability items or spells (dazzle/Winter.) Glimmer/force. Or even initiators to counter-initiate. You'd need to however sacrifice your farm and just stick with him and scrounge what you can. THIS PLAN REQUIRES THAT THE SNIPER ISN"T INTRINSICALLY A BAD PLAYER. (LIKE HE DOESN"T HAVE 50 CS at 30 min :I). The other option is to force teamfights. This one is kinda hard because you need to have the leadership qualities to mobilise your team. Remember clinkz/BS are hunters they will focus on solo targets and take them out quick. You have to have a team that is strong at teamfighting(1 backline supp,1 dmg dealer and 1 initiator + tank atleast) and you need to make sure your team takes the fights when they are favorable and back out when it's not. Being able to lead your team is a must. The final option i can think of is Splitting the whole map. For this you need to have good escape and map awareness + vision. you need a hero/team that can push fast and stay alive while doing it. Usually in 1k this will cause the BS/Clinkz to chase you around. YOU MUST NOT DIE. Put up wards buy a gem get extra escape items. whatever you need. Like AM just farm and let the sniper or whatever die. then once you have like the basic amount of farm. (4 point blink and some tower dmg/waveclear) start pushing lanes. The enemy gankers will move their focus to you. NOW YOU ARE THE SPACE CREATOR. YOU GET THE ENEMY TO RUN AFTER YOU AND GIVE YOUR TEAM SPACE. IF THEY STILL DON"T COME FOR YOU THEN YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE OF 2 THINGS. 1.THAT You can push better than the enemy for this you need ot make sure that free farm you got while sniper was being raped is THERE and used well. So you need to get your items at ideal timings and items that will let you push and only push. Example Manta/BOTS/DESO/BKB no fucking AC/Butter/Abbysal those don't help in push. AND SECONDLY LEAD UR TEAM TO ATLEST THIS EXTENT THAT THEY FOCUS ON DEFFING. IF THEY CAN CO-ORDINATE AND DEF LONG ENOUGH FOR U TO PUSH and RAT. Then you got this. Remember Gankers can't push so you should be able to out-push them. But if they keep ganking they will get the farm to push. So you need to make sure your team doesn't needlessly die. Tell that sniper to stay back and shoot creeps even if his farm gets reduced because you will buy them the time by ratting. Anyways that's my 2 cents and you can totally ignore cuz i'm 1k too sedlife
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  13. @Tyrant u need to post "The" Epic fail vid of all time.....u know what I'm talking about right ? :p
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