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  1. Today's Event Stream (Casted)

    Some noob called taka apparently
  2. So we hosted 3 lobbies today. and here's a twitch VOD link to the last game which was casted by me and Ink. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/167701215 The stream quality is shit because it was setup in a hurry (I will fix it later) But just give feedback on the casting since we will be casting on the Official Twitch for the 1v1 tourney.(yeah i know cut down on the swears xD).
  3. Melys Event Challenge

    win the game with that draft.
  4. Guess next person to post?

    Hi i am not mely
  5. Melys Event Challenge

    it's a push draft i used to run with my old team. Shaman and DP had push ults. Jug has bladefury to run away and heal to sustain push. Plus his ult is great for fights. Undying and dazzle provide sustain for push as well. Plus undying tombstone is great for dis-engage plus keep enemy occupied when pushing and good in fights too. this was one of our drafts we used when we were playing in Leagues/Tournies etc.
  6. Melys Event Challenge

    The reason I don't have them on weekends is because we already have so many events on weekends. But ur right I'll change this to any event just have it backed up by the host

  8. Hey guys so I've made a list of challenges that if you guys achieve during any of DI 13 events I'll have u awarded with something......to make it more interesting.I'll giveaway TI treasures to those that achieve multiple challenges. There is one prerequisite. The award will be given to each of the players part of the challenge. Example if it's a meepp challenge than only meepp will get the award. If it's lvl 1 rosh than than all 5 members will get it. 2nd pee requisite is that u have to win the game as well just like in quests :p I'll edit the topic and make it look more pretty later :p LIST Pick meepo mid and win - 1 person Str morph carry - 1 person Aghs weaver support - 1 person Lvl 1 rosh team challenge - 5 ppl Aggro offlane - 3 ppl 3 man refresher combo invoker - 1 man Void - chrono + 2 other ults. - 3 ppl Rubick - 2 big ults in 1 fight - 1 man Rosh steal - 1 man Chen + enchant in same team. - 2 ppl Spirit breaker ls clock with Aghs. - 3 ppl Enigma + lich combo - 2 ppl 4 hero wombo combo - 4 ppl Shiva + ac + crimson - offlane - 1 man Riki + bh + Clinkz - 3 ppl Tinker/invoker/zeus sb np AA. - 4 ppl Naga + LD - 2 ppl Have 2 4 stack ancient camps. Early game. - 2 ppl Jug dazzle dp shaman undying - 4 ppl Deny aegis - 1 man Say cunt after every fight (for dwarsaw) - 1 man
  9. Mely's Void Video

    maybe it was just a typo xD

    Googling Explicit---------------------all i get is porn.
  11. Two New Dota 2 Heros

    More interested in the changes that will come along with the heroes than the heroes themselves. Honestly though mk was pretty well done in terms of hero model animations and lines. Kinda have lower expectations for these
  12. This is just a trash video i made. It's trash so no point in watching it :ICAN YOU FIND ALL THE FAIL HOOK MOMENTS :I
  13. This is just a trash video i made. It's trash so no point in watching it :I CAN YOU FIND ALL THE FAIL HOOK MOMENTS :I