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  1. I thought you taught him better.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JennOfTroy


      that doesnt look like a boob lol   i would have guessed tulip

    3. IbnBattuta


      It was "Red Wine" at the end! :lol:

    4. JennOfTroy


      lol ok i can see that now too

  2. I haven't tried it out either so i will wait until you have and you can let me know lol
  3. I help rescue dogs and find homes for them.
  4. Now you can have a pizza with burger toppings, so why not have both
  5. Welcome to DI Tim
  6. Welcome to DI :)
  7. How do you plan your grocery list? At which moment? My grocery list is in my head so i am a wing it kinda girl, can be dangerous, i come home with all kinds of neat things. How and where do you look for your recipes? Mostly online and sometimes i will see something i like in a magazine. Do you manage your pantry? If yes, how; If no, why not? Oh yes my pantry has to be organized, in alphabetical order and labels facing forward. Do you have a way to reduce the waste of food? Yes i have 2 dogs How do you plan your meals? Usually the night before i will decide what i want for the next day What is your goal when you do these tasks? To get them done as quickly as possible so i can play games :) How do you manage those task? I do them first thing in the morning to get them out of the way so i can enjoy the rest of my day. Which task are automated and which are not? none How could you make these tasks easier? By hiring a chef Would you have an interest for an application who would help you to achieve those tasks? I think it would be helpful yes Which aspect of the application would be the most important? I would think to keep it as simple as possible, clear instructions.
  8. Welcome to DI :)
  9. Best goal ever!! I am with you on that one. :)
  10. I'm with you Nota, pinapple on pizza is delicious!
  11. Phantom of the Opera, Gerard Butler singing, its better then awesome ( i think this ages me for sure) lol
  12. Pink, i saw a video of her singing an oldie, "Me and Bobbie McGee" it was amazing
  13. Welcome to DI :)
  14. Welcome to DI :)