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  1. Today

  2. Casual Team B Thread

    I have indeed returned! I'm waiting to see what the game for bbq will be before i decide if i'm going or not.
  3. loving you's and leaving you's

    Noooooooooooo though about taking a 4 week away instead and seeing how you feel at the end of it? perhaps you come back, perhaps you go to reg guest, no pressure just extra choices :)
  4. Theme songs for Members 3.0!!!

    Thanks for this last, enjoyed the song and glad I helped a little <3
  5. Tried it again and got a 2, did they nerf the test of is b12 op? :o
  6. Having trouble keeping up with the GMT

    That is the first bug report of that kind i've heard of, know anyone else with that issue?
  7. Song of the Day

  8. Ever seen the russian rip off of The Big Bang Theory?


    1. Dom


      Safety is the number 1 priority. 

    2. CynicalBrit


      tbh, it looks better than the english version.

    3. Dom


      How hard is that to accomplish though...

  9. Having trouble keeping up with the GMT

    You're welcome! I think its automatically set when you chose country so your calendar should be correct.
  10. Having trouble keeping up with the GMT

    Hey JmgooZe and welcome to the community If you look at the top left of an event post (just below the name) you'll see the start and end time. Those times are in your timezone, the one you have set the forum to. No need for gmt or converters :)
  11. Imgur 29th

    For those of you that arn't aware this is 'upvote everything' day which tends to result in some awesome stuff hitting the front page. Some of the best from tonight imo: http://i.imgur.com/a3Qi2cQ.mp4 and for a bonus, dump of last years highlights:
  12. Vote Insanity To Make Dota Great Again

    Vote him for... what exactly? Instructions unclear, uninstalled dota
  13. Song of the Day